7 reasons why colds are not treated

Colds are a disease that may seem like a simple illness to many people, but it can prevent you from doing your daily chores. Colds and flu are caused by a bacterial or viral infection that is spread through the air, water, food, etc. A weakened immune system makes a person more susceptible to the disease. Here are seven reasons why you should not be treated. We will get acquainted with the common cold.

Stress releases a hormone called cortisol into the body. This hormone weakens the body’s immune system and thus slows down the healing process of colds.


Smoking worsens the density of mucus in the nose. As a result, colds are cured later.

Anticonvulsant spray

Excessive use of anticonvulsant spray aggravates the inflammation of the respiratory tract, thus prolonging the course of the disease.

Excessive exercise

There is no doubt that exercise is good for the health of the body; But overdoing it, especially when you have a cold, can affect the immune system and prolong the healing process.


Sensitivity to dust, animal hair, pollen and بینی nasal cavities inflames and slows down the treatment of colds.


If you have sinusitis, due to the infection and inflammation that develops in the nasal cavity, the symptoms of the common cold may not improve unless the sinusitis is treated.


If you have pneumonia, your respiratory system will become more susceptible to infection and your cold will probably not heal quickly.

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