7 treatments for Ebola virus

Hello – Ebola virus is a deadly virus The virus can spread through the air. yet still There is no specific drug to treat Ebola virus. However, natural remedies may work in some cases. About the following
The best way to keep your body hydrated is to drink fluids throughout the day. The person with the virus mainly suffers from dehydration. Therefore, delivering fluids to the body helps to keep the body hydrated.

“> 2. Blood pressure

Maintaining blood pressure levels in a person with Ebola is important. If blood pressure fluctuates, the body has a problem. High blood pressure levels can damage organs and even lead to internal bleeding.

“> 3. Oxygen supply

Ebola virus fever reduces oxygen As a result, the person with the virus feels short of breath in the body. In this case, the body needs oxygen. Oxygen mask is good for respiratory problems

“> 4. Replace lost blood

If there is internal bleeding in severe cases, there should be a replacement for the lost blood. Failure to do so can even lead to death. 5. Other infections
There are many other infections associated with Ebola virus fever. Many people have multiple infections with this fever. There is no specific treatment for this virus, at least other infections can be treated with medication. Helps reduce complications to some extent.
6. Better safety
Another way to treat this virus is to strengthen the immune system. A person with the virus must have plenty of water and fluid in their body. A balanced diet is also needed to strengthen the immune system. A good immune system always helps to fight any virus. In fact, a good immune system is effective in preventing any disease including virus.
7. Zmap
Zmap is an experimental treatment that doctors examine in infected people. Zmap is a different antibody that may run on a virus. The virus may not be completely cured, but it can Like a preventative treatment for Ebola virus fever

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