8 Amazing Facts About Having Sex After Pregnancy

You may also be wondering how long you can have sex again after your baby is born. And what will be the quality of sex after pregnancy? Read this article to have comfortable and enjoyable sex after pregnancy.

Even the thought of having sex after childbirth can be overwhelming for toddlers, especially given all the factors that have accumulated in our minds against it. Problems such as prolonged postpartum pain, unbridled hormones, postpartum depression, strange body changes and of course the biggest monster and killer of libido in the bedroom is the extreme fatigue of caring for a baby. On top of that, you may no longer want your spouse to touch you because you have to hold your baby all day. This is called feeling touched out.

You may not have sex at all right now, but this sexual boredom will not be with you forever. In fact, according to a survey, 94% of respondents said they were satisfied with their sex life after the birth of their child, and more than half said that having a baby would improve the situation.

So how long after birth can you have sex?

Most doctors recommend abstinence for six weeks to allow your genitals to rest. In addition, lupus erythematosus (residual secretions of blood and uterine tissue) may have stopped by then. But wait, before you go back to the old routine, remember that sex after pregnancy requires time and effort. This knowledge can help you to return to the good old days of the communication passion that caused you and your spouse to give birth to that baby.

  • Postpartum sex will probably not be enjoyable for the first time.

“It’s been assumed that the cause of painful post-pregnancy sex is due to a birth injury,” said Dr. Rebecca Booth, a gynecologist in Louisville, Kentucky and author of Venus Week. “This hypothesis can certainly be correct, but the pain you are experiencing may be due to a lack of the hormone estrogen, which affects the elasticity of the vaginal tissues.” Estrogen levels drop immediately after delivery and remain low during breastfeeding. “When you are breastfeeding (especially at the beginning of this phase), a decrease in estrogen combined with high levels of prolactin and oxytocin can cause menopausal-like conditions in your body for two to three months,” says Dr. Booth. If you do not know the symptoms of menopause, think of symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, dryness and vaginal pain.

Even mothers who have had a cesarean section are more likely to have painful sex after birth, even six weeks after giving birth. If you have an incision in the perineum (episiotomy) or other injury, the healing time depends on the extent and location of the incision.

  • What is the reason for not wanting to have sex after pregnancy?

Reasons such as lack of sleep, changes in the habits and behavior of you and your spouse, and most importantly the shape of your body and the image you have of it make you want to have Postpartum sex Do not have. Now, if you breastfeed your baby, the problem becomes more complicated and nature works to your detriment. “Breastfeeding triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin,” says Dr. Booth. This hormone makes the mother feel good about her baby and at the same time suppresses sexual desire in him. “Naturally, keeping your libido low is the way your body uses it to prevent an early pregnancy. Knowing that there is a scientific and natural reason for our reluctance to have sex will bring us peace of mind.

Depending on your age and the number of children you have, the shape of your vagina may change more. “Even women who have a cesarean section are no exception, because pregnancy hormones make the edges of the pelvis wider,” says Dr. Booth. This is why your pants may be too small for you months after giving birth. If you find it difficult to do Kegel exercises (exercises or exercises that are very useful for strengthening the muscles that support the urethra, bladder, uterus, rectum, anus and vagina in the pelvic floor), try Pilates: “Focus on the core of the body. It also helps to tighten the pelvic floor. ”

  • Why is it important to have sex after pregnancy?

“If couples do not have sex or it is infrequent, they feel like they are just roommates, and it does not feel good at all,” said Amy Levine, a marriage coach. Feelings of sexual deprivation can lead to resentment. Start by kissing or touching romance. This way you can slowly relax the space for Postpartum sex Prepare.

The fact of the matter is that once your baby is born, you will not have enough time for a two-person dinner or a date, so sex is your only tool to remember that you and your spouse are still on the same team and something. You are beyond the mother and father of your baby. Most importantly, be honest. Sex makes you both feel better.

  • Short and fast sex quickie The savior of your relationship

Knowing that sex does not have to be long and stretchy is a fascinating fact that people with intellectual maturity believe in. “Ask your partner to do what it takes to motivate you, and then focus on the moment,” says Levine. To do this, concentrate on the feeling that your spouse is giving you at that moment.

  • Change in sex time

“During the first days after the pregnancy, I was so tired at night that I could not even read a page from my favorite book, let alone have sex with my wife,” said Marian, a mother of two. After a while, I realized that I had repeatedly said no to my wife’s request for sex, and I felt very bad. I tried to find the right time of the week and finally realized that weekend afternoons when our son is napping are the best time to have a relationship. “This change of routine took the stress out of our lives from the lack of intimacy at night and became a routine that we both eagerly awaited,” he says.

  • Having sex after pregnancy may be better than you think.

Many women Postpartum sex They find it more enjoyable than a relationship before becoming a mother. “This pleasure is more likely to be due to the fact that the birth process awakens a wide range of emotions in us and as a result the body, especially our genitals, becomes more alive and increases our potential for pleasure.” Childbirth can also make our bodies more sensitive to sexual arousal. Many women feel more comfortable with their bodies after having children and experience a more intense sexual pleasure (orgasm).

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You will still want to have sex after giving birth

Just as you would like to go out with your friends again and even have another child, you will still have sex. Christie is a mother of two who has had a difficult time starting a normal sex life since giving birth. “Give yourself time not only to literally improve, but also to adjust to your new roles,” he says. “Be honest and comfortable with each other and remember that sometimes you may not have the patience to have sex, but after doing it you will be really happy and satisfied.”

Contrary to popular belief, having more children does not mean having less sex. Just as the decision to have children requires huge changes and adjustments, returning to sex after the first baby is one of the most difficult tasks. The key to successfully doing this difficult task is flexibility, empathy, patience and positive thinking.

Translator: Amir Mohammad Javaheri

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