8 Golden Benefits of Having Sex for Health

Sex has many effects on your body and mood, and most of all it has an effect on your brain through which it reduces your pain and…

Your brain in sex

According to Dr. Barry R. KomisarukDistinguished Professor of Psychology at Rutgers University, New Jersey Understanding how sex affects your brain can improve your role in bed, and may improve the health of other parts of your body. This is not an easy subject to study – test subjects may have to Masturbate (masturbate) on an MRI machine – which is why this research is still evolving. But scientists have begun to unravel the mystery. In the continuation of the article, we present the results obtained so far.

1. Sex is like drugs

Sex makes us feel good. That’s why we crave, love and spend so much time finding our partner. The pleasure we get from sex is largely related to the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that activates the brain’s reward center.. Dopamine as well It is one of the chemicals responsible for the laxity of many people against drugs.According to Dr. Timothy Fong Associate Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA’s David School of MedicineCocaine use and sex do not feel the same, but they both affect the same areas of the brain “As well as different areas of the brain.” Caffeine، Nicotine And Chocolate too Brain Rewards Section را Stimulation they do.

2. Sex acts like an antidepressant

In the year 2000 A study at the University of Albany 300 women Done and determined Women who have had sex without a condom Than Women who used condoms، Fewer depressive symptoms have. The researchers hypothesized that, Different compounds in semen, Including Estrogen And Prostaglandins have antidepressant properties Are, which are absorbed by the body after sex. (Of course, they modified these results for other things, such as being in a serious relationship or oral sex, which is not included in this study). Of course, using a condom to prevent sexually transmitted diseases must be used, and you can stop using it only if you are completely sure of your partner’s health..

**** Prostaglandins: They are one of the most important mediators of inflammation and inhibition of their production by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen *).[۱]) Reduces inflammation. These mediators are also involved in uterine contractions during childbirth, increased bowel movements, improved gastric mucosal defenses, and increased renal blood flow, which have been the basis for many drugs.****

3. Sex (sometimes) is a cause of depression

Does the good feeling that chemicals give to the body during sex continue after that?

According to researchers, an issue called Depression after sex There is (technical term: Restless intercourse postcoital dysphoria) About one-third of the women in the study reported feeling sad after sex. That may be because Feeling sorry Or Coercion for sex For this reason, researchers could not find a definitive reason for this.

4. Sex reduces pain

Do not cancel sex when you have a headache. Research has shown that Sex reduces the symptoms of headaches. In one study per year 2013 in Germany, 60 percent Participants who Migraine Had and 30 percent Who suffers from Cluster headaches They have reported headaches during sex Decreased or completely eliminated Is.

Other studies have shown Women whose G-spot is stimulated have a higher pain tolerance threshold. According to Dr. Beverly Whipple Professor of Rutgers University “These women need more pain stimuli to feel pain,” Whipple did not say why, but other researchers have Oxytocin Oxytocin, also called the bonding hormone, has been shown to cause the mother and baby to have an emotional relationship. Has pain relief properties Is.

**** G-spot: It is the name of a spot in a woman’s vagina that is necessary to reach orgasm****

**** Oxytocin Oxytocin: It is a neurohypophyseal hormone found in mammals. Oxytocin is naturally produced in the submucosa and stored in the posterior pituitary gland and plays a key role in romantic communication, sexual reproduction, and before and after childbirth. Studies have also shown that oxytocin is involved in many behaviors, including orgasm, social cognition, coupling, anxiety, and maternal behaviors.****

5. Sex can clear your memory

Less than 7 per 100,000 people each year “Global transient forgetfulness” Experience. A sudden but temporary forgetfulness Which can be attributed to any other neurological disease. This kind of forgetfulness can Intense sex,Emotional stress، the pain، Minor head injury، Medical processes And Jumping in cold or hot water, To be created. Forgetting can take minutes to hours. In an accident, one cannot recall new or recent memories. Fortunately it seems There are no lasting effects in this regard.

6. Sex may boost your memory

Or at least if you are a rodent, it will strengthen your memory. In a study per year 2010 It was found that rodents who had sex once a night for 14 consecutive nights, compared to rodents who had sex only once a night, More neurons in the area Hippocampus hippocampus Their brains grow done, An area in the brain that is associated with memory. These findings were confirmed by a second study in mice. But the effect of regular sex on human memory has not yet been proven (But you can give yourself that hope.)

7. Sex calms you down

A study that linked frequent sex in mice to brain enhancement also found that these mice Less stress have. This issue also affects humans. One study found that people who had sex had a better response to stressful situations, such as public speaking, than those who did not or did not satisfy themselves in any other way.

How does sex reduce stress?

By lowering blood pressure.

8. Sex makes you sleepy

Sex seems to make men more sleepy than women, And scientists think they know the cause: a part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex after ejaculation has lost its thickness, which is accompanied by the release of oxytocin and serotonin, which is known as the syndrome “Turning your back and sleeping” Is known.

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