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8 Reasons Why Sleeping on Linen Will Change Your Life

If there’s anything I love, it’s bedding (and of course, sleeping). But with the thousands of options out there, it’s hard to determine what bedding to purchase. From thread counts to fabric type, the combinations are endless.

A company called MagicLinen recently reached out to me and offered to send me an organic linen duvet cover to try out. Of course, I had the nagging voice in the back of my head saying “don’t ever buy linen, it wrinkles!” (thanks, Mom!), I figured I’d still give it a try. After all, I don’t care too much about wrinkles (in fact, I kind of like the crinkled effect it gives).

magic linen

I did a little research on linen, as I’ve always been interested in how it’s made and how great it is for the planet (opposed to traditional sheets and bedding made of cotton). If you didn’t already know, linen is made from the natural fibers of the flax plant. Flax doesn’t require pesticides to grow, and requires 60% less water than cotton. This also makes linen recyclable and is naturally biodegradable.

Aside from duvet covers, MagicLinen also sells table linens, kitchen linens, bath linens, women’s clothing, linen curtains, and of course, linen bedding. Their products are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they are absent of allergenic dyes, pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful substances. They also put their products through a technique called “stone washing,” which uses stones (like pumice or volcanic rock), or more recently, enzymes, to soften the linen fabric, increase its flexibility and give it a cozy lived-in feel. This pre-washing also prevents shrinkage so that the item can be machine washed and tumble dried more easily.

magic linen

When I first received my MagicLinen duvet cover I was shocked at how soft and comfortable the material felt. It made me wonder why I didn’t own more linen-made fabrics in my life. My cats also approved (as you can tell by the majority of the photos).

While I did have my original sheets between me and the comforter at night, it still kept me cozy warm – much more so than my old duvet cover (note to self: get linen bedding ASAP!).

The color of the duvet cover also happened to be one of my favorites – rose wood. I cannot describe my love for this color. It’s natural, earthy, and makes me feel at ease in my bedroom. You can also choose whether you want a ruffle edge to your duvet cover (the option I chose), or you can get a pom-pom trim or no edging. Honestly, it was hard to pick a color, because all of the colors were so earthy and natural-looking. It made me want to re-paint my each room in my house to match the colors they produce.

I also love the tiny wooden buttons that secure your comforter inside the duvet cover. It really adds to the natural aesthetic that linen exudes.

With this in mind, here are some reasons why you should seriously consider adding linen fabrics into your life.

The Benefits of Sleeping on Linen

1. Highly Absorbent

Linen is made from the fibre of flax, which is hollow and absorbs moisture up to 20% its own weight (before ever feeling damp!). As you can imagine, this is important for bedding (no more clammy sheets!), as well as fibers that absorb a lot of water like towels and bath linens.

2. Breathable

Linen also breathes, meaning as quickly as it absorbs moisture, it releases it. The hollow structure of flax fibers allows for higher air permeability, allowing linen to dry out quickly and preventing it from sticking to the body. Its breathability also makes it temperature-regulating, so if you’re super hot, it’ll keep you cool, and if you’re really cold, it’ll keep you warm.

3. Hypoallergenic

Due to its unique filtering, moisture-absorbance and evaporative qualities listed above, linen also happens to be incredibly bacteria resistant. This makes it one of the best non-allergenic bedding option out there. It is perfect for those who suffer from sensitive skin, or allergies. It also helps repel dust mites, and fungus!

4. Environmentally-Friendly

As outlined above, linen is an environmentally-friendly option that no other bedding can beat. Almost all parts of the flax plant are used during harvest, and very little irrigation is required to grow the plants. Linen is also fully biodegradable. Not to mention, the fibers are strong, and can last decades when properly cared for (which means you don’t need to continuously purchase new bedding year after year).

5. Gets Softer Each Wash

The more linen is used and washed over time, the softer it becomes. What I love about MagicLinen is that they stone-wash their linen, so when you receive the product, it already feels as if it has been washed multiple times to achieve this softness effect (and no, that doesn’t mean it is more degraded and worn out). The stone wash achieve a nice lived-in, supple feel, which you’d naturally get after using and washing linen for a couple months.

6. Critter-Free

Thanks to its hypoallergenic properties, linen keeps away un-wanted critters like bacteria, fungi (mold), and dust mites. This makes it perfect for individuals who live in damp and humid climates, where mold is more likely to grow.

7. Anti-Static

Because of its moisture-wicking properties, linen is also naturally anti-static. Hence, why this material does not cling to the body, and generally stays clean for longer as it naturally repels dirt.

8. Lasts Forever

Linen is so much stronger than cotton – like, really strong. This durability translates into linen sheets and other fabrics lasting for many years (and in good condition to boot). Cotton sheets, when properly cared for, last around three to five years before showing signs of wear and tear. But linen fabric will really only begin to shine after three years – so you can imagine how long it lasts after that point. This is the very reason why linen bedding is more of a lifetime investment than anything. When properly cared for, linen can last decades.

So the next time you’re wondering whether you should pick cotton or linen bedding – go for the linen. And while this duvet comforter was sent to me for review, my views on linen have been forever changed. MagicLinen is a forward-thinking company with products that will quite literally last a lifetime. Investing in bedding from MagicLinen will only save you money in the long run, and you’ll know you’re getting a quality product.

For more information on MagicLinen, follow this link:

Disclaimer: All views and opinions are my own. This particular product review was not sponsored or paid for in any way by the manufacturer. However, the manufacturer did give me the product for testing and review purposes.

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