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8 Ways To Eat Your Eyes Healthy

Can you eat your eyes healthy? According to studies, consuming foods high in lutein, zinc, vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids, we can help ward off age-related vision problems like macular degeneration and cataracts.

There are plenty of plant foods out there that will make a dramatic impact on how you view the world around you.

Here are 8 of the best plant foods to eat your eyes healthy!

1: Spinach & Kale There are few better foods for your eyes than leafy greens like spinach and kale. They are positively chock full of lutein and zeaxanthin, which are both antioxidants known to lower the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration of the eyes.

2: Citrus Fruits and Berries – Fruit is naturally good for you so you shouldn’t be surprised that it can be your eyes best friend too. Citrus fruits and berries, like strawberries and blueberries, are high in vitamin C, which like your leafy greens, can help prevent cataracts and other eye-related issues.

3: Sunflower Seeds – Though they may not be the most substantial of snacks, sunflower seeds can work wonders for your eyes! They’re rich in vitamin E and will help boost protection for certain eye-related ailments and are great for treating dry eye.
4: Nuts – More specifically, almonds, because these are extremely rich in vitamin E! Just one single handful of almonds will provide half of your RDA of vitamin E necessary for good eye health.
5: Carrots – Carrots are famed for their ability to help you “see in the dark”, and whilst this isn’t strictly true, there is an element of truth to it, as carrots are filled with the bright orange pigment beta-carotene, which gets converted to vitamin A in the body, a vitamin pivotal in helping the retina, rods and cones, function smoothly.

6: Black Eyed Peas – No, not the band! These legumes (and others like kidney beans and lima beans) are good for your eyes because they contain plenty of zinc, which can be beneficial in helping protect our eyes from the damaging effects of light.

7: Brussels Sprouts
– Everyone’s favourite Christmas lunch meal ruiner, the Brussels sprout, is actually a great vegetable for promoting eye health as it is incredibly vitamin and mineral dense. Consuming high mineral & vitamin content foods help protect your eyes from degenerative diseases.

8: Sweet Potatoes – Like carrots, sweet potatoes have plenty of beta-carotene, which promotes healthy eyes (and luckily, the beauty of sweet potatoes is the fact there are so many different ways to prepare and eat them!). Juicing with sweet potato is great for not only your eyes, but also your hormones, as they help balance estrogen levels (great for women!).

These are just some of the foods that you can include in your recipes this summer to help enhance your eye health. Aim to eat a wide variety of raw fruit and vegetables throughout the year to help improve your overall health and general sense of well-being!


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