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9 Exercises That Un-Slouch Your Back To Give You Better Posture

Having good posture is very important for overall health. Apart from helping you look better, it also makes you feel better.

Although having the correct posture may fail to get much fan-fare as exercising and eating right, having a straight spine is vital to life-long wellness.

Having the correct posture aligns the whole body. Muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons are able to function as required when you sit or even stand up straight.

There are many simple exercises that can teach you how to fix bad posture (you don’t even need equipment!). Below are just a few of those that can help align your entire body.

1. Planks

When it comes to fixing a bad posture, having a strong core is key. The classic plank is a good core exercise that is known to light up a multitude of muscles at once. When this exercise is done correctly, several abdominal muscles are strengthened in addition to the shoulders and the back. Just practice plank by simply lying on the floor face down with your palms alongside shoulders and the feet and legs together. Raise in a manner that your arms are straight and you are balancing on both your hands and toes.

2. Crunch with Twist

This exercise works your abs and obliques in order to fix your posture. Lie down on your back with the feet flat and knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Place your hands behind the head. When you exhale, ensure that you lift the right shoulder off the floor while rotating towards the left. Inhale and then lower your shoulder to the floor again once more.

3. Kneeling Stretch

Sometimes poor posture can be the result of tight muscles. The kneeling stretch is known to combat tightness in some very important muscle groups. When repeated kneeling stretches are done regularly, it becomes very easy to either sit or stand with a straight spine. First, lunge with a single leg forward while the other leg’s knee rests on a padded mat. Place your arms on your lunging knee. Slightly push your hips in a forward direction to feel a stretch in the iliopsoas muscle which is an important connection between the spine and the hip.

4. Back Extensions

When you are in the process of fixing bad posture, it is very vital that you strengthen your back using this exercise. Lie face down on your stomach and then extend your arms straight above your head. Keep your head in line with the spine and gently lift the shoulders as far off the ground as possible and return to the starting position.

5. Dumbbell Side Bends

This is an exercise for the obliques. What you need is a single light weight, although you can also use cans of soup if you do not have weights. For this exercise you need to stand firmly with your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, relax your shoulders. At a slow pace, bend to one side and then return back to the starting position. You can either do all reps on a single side before moving on to the other, or you can work both sides at once.

6. Pilates Swimming

Most dance students are known to use Pilates in their training. This is a simple exercise that can be done by anyone in order to strengthen the back and have a proper sitting posture. This move also ensures that you are standing up straight. Begin by laying down on your stomach with your arms straight over your head. Lift your left arm and right leg, keeping both the knee and elbow straight. Lower the limbs back to the start position just before repeating with the left leg and the right arm.

7. Shoulder Rolls

Having good posture is particularly important for those who are at their desks working all day. This simple move can ensure that you relieve tension and encourage a correct posture. The stretch can either be done while standing or sitting. Inhale and then raise the shoulders towards the ears. Hold this position for a while before you exhale and pull your shoulder blades down together. Repeat this five to ten times at least twice a day.

8. Reverse Dumbbell Fly

Individuals who have rounded shoulders due to years of poor posture should strengthen their upper backs. This move requires the use of two light weights in either hand with the palms facing each other. Both the shoulder and feet should be hip-width apart. Bend forward slightly at the waist and soften the knees. With the head up and eyes facing forward, raise your hands to the side until they are parallel with the ground. The elbows need to bend slightly. Slowly lower your hands to the start position.

9. Seated Twist

This is said to be one of the best posture exercises and can be done very easily. In fact, this exercise has been practically designed for those who have long days working. While sitting, first exhale and then use your right hand on your seat or chair to twist to the right direction. Both your chest and abdomen will be facing the right hand of your chair. Simply hold this particular position for a few minutes before you return to the starting position to repeat on the other side. It is an exercise that can be performed throughout the day.


These are some basic and easy exercises that you can regularly do to fix bad posture problems and generally improve your overall health and fitness. None of these exercises are hard, although it is recommended that you stop any activity in case you feel a lot of pain that can bring about other health issues.

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