A combination for rapid hair growth; Magic hair mask

Hair gives a special beauty to the face, and a person without hair does not have such a beautiful face. If you are unhappy with the lack of hair and the poor growth of your hair, or if you see people around you with lack of hair and want to help them, we suggest a magical hair mask that is Try the following and see the result.

This magical hair mask will help you in strengthening the roots of your hair as well as its rapid growth.

Both women and men face hair loss problems, especially when the hair is thin and fragile. Hair loss in men mostly has genetic reasons and in women it is mostly due to hair coloring and use of chemicals.

Hair softeners also have a negative effect on the speed of its growth. For this reason, we are going to introduce you a hair mask that will help your hair grow fast. The magical results of this mask can be felt overnight.

This mask provides all the natural nutrients for hair growth, which makes your hair shine and improve its quality. The hair root will experience faster growth after receiving those nutrients.

Required materials and preparation method:

To prepare this combination, you only need 3 ingredients:

  • Two tablespoons of castor oil
    One egg yolk
    A tablespoon of natural honey

Just put all the ingredients in a container and mix them well. Then massage the roots of your hair well with the resulting mixture and apply the rest on your head. After that, cover the head with a plastic or a special hair cap. Then let the mixture stay on your hair for 2 to 4 hours. Finally, rinse your hair with water.

Repeat this once or twice a week for 2 months.

Source: Salamat News

23 September 1395 22:28

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