A complete article on chronic cough

In this section of Dr. Salam’s medical magazine, we will introduce you to Chronic coughsWe will introduce the signs and symptoms of chronic coughs, the causes of these coughs. And questions such as: What to do to reduce coughs? And when should you see a doctor? We answer to get more information in this field.

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A complete article on chronic cough

Chronic cough is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor. A chronic cough that lasts 8 weeks or more is not only annoying, it can be a sign of a more serious problem. These coughs can cause problems in your physical condition, bother your colleagues and family members and even take away from you a comfortable sleep. As a result, you always feel tired and angry.

Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose the main cause of chronic cough. But the most common causes of such problems are nasal secretions, acid reflux and asthma. Of course, whenever the underlying disease improves, these coughs will also improve.

What are the symptoms of chronic cough?

Chronic coughs may also be accompanied by other symptoms. Runny or stuffy nose, phlegm in the throat, wheezing and shortness of breath, heartburn or sour food, and in rare cases, there may also be blood in a person’s cough.

When should we see a doctor?

If your cough continues for a long time, especially when it is accompanied by phlegm or blood; If it leads to insomnia in you; or it affects your family, social and work relationships, don’t forget to see a doctor.

What are the causes of the problem?

When a stimulus such as stomach acid, perfume, spray or even spicy food irritates the nerves of the respiratory system, a cough starts. Of course, occasional coughs are not a problem and are normal. But a cough that continues for a long time is a sign of another problem that needs to be addressed.

Runny nose and secretions, asthma, gastric reflux disease, respiratory tract infection, blood pressure medications, chronic bronchitis and lung cancer are among the reasons that may cause this problem. Although anyone can experience this problem, smoking can make the condition worse. Even exposure to other people’s secondhand smoke can lead to lung damage and cause coughing.

It is also interesting to know that women are more exposed to chronic cough than men. A constant cough makes you tired, reduces your energy, and robs you of a good night’s sleep. It can also cause headaches, dizziness, excessive sweating and urinary incontinence.

A complete article on chronic cough 2

What should we do to reduce coughs?

Many types of chronic cough are started or worsened by smoking. Therefore, quitting smoking significantly improves these coughs.

In some cases, stomach acid reflux is another reason for this cough. So if your cough is caused by this, you can reduce the problem to some extent by maintaining a healthy weight and eating small meals more often. Also, remember not to lie down immediately after eating and keep your head slightly higher when sleeping.

You can treat chronic cough with thyme. This plant has been traditionally used to treat cough and even whooping cough. Currently, herbal medicine thyme is prescribed by doctors to reduce cough.

You can also help improve and control coughs by eating certain foods, such as drinking honey dissolved in warm Yachai water.

How many weeks have you been coughing?

Some pulmonologists recommend that a cough that continues for more than three weeks requires an examination of the lungs and respiratory system.

They believe that very severe and long-lasting coughs are related to asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchitis or sinus infections, and if it lasts for more than three weeks, it requires a chest examination and CT scan tests or sinus imaging.

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