A few feminine secrets in married life

There are secrets about women in married life that are not without grace. Usually, when a marital relationship cools down, women consider their husbands to be the main culprit, and they admit that they themselves have played a role in the cooling of the relationship when their husbands have distanced themselves from him. The most important issue is that the main reason for men to be cold is the behavior and attitudes of their wives.

In this article, we will share the secrets with you ladies that will help you achieve the ideal married life that you have nurtured in your mind.

In any case, knowing the following tips and strategies will help you experience a better and more productive relationship with your spouse, and also realize how important it is to bring love back to your life together.


Secret One: Your spouse may not be able to meet all of your emotional needs

Men often distance themselves from their wives because they feel that the woman has put a lot of pressure on her and has pressured the man to meet her emotional needs.

When a man can not meet his wife’s expectations, he feels defeated and failed, and because the woman is the main cause of this feeling, the man unconsciously distances himself from his wife.

Interestingly, in the meantime, the wife blames her husband and even thinks of leaving cohabitation and leaving cohabitation, which has been difficult due to her own unknowing mistakes.

Sometimes women have expectations of their husbands that not only their husbands but no other man can meet, and only God can convince such women.

Paying attention to this simple and small point saves many lives from separation. Most importantly, never expect your husband to know your expectations and needs like an occultist. .

Be realistic and fair and have expectations instead of your spouse and tell these expectations to your spouse in a timely manner and never put him or her under pressure. Let him have the freedom to do what he wants you to do. Every man on earth has to go to the desert when he is under too much pressure.


Secret Two: Your spouse also has needs that are just as important as your own


It is very important to pay attention to this point. Remember that men, like women, have emotional needs that are as important as women’s needs.

There is often a misconception that because women are softer and more sensitive beings than men, they have more and more important emotional needs, and men, because they are violent beings, have no emotional needs or if they do, it is not important to satisfy them.

Women become inattentive and unloving when they see that their husbands are not paying attention to their needs and have not been able to do what they wanted. This is where men distance themselves from their wives. Because they feel they are not treated as they should be treated with respect and remember to keep
Value and respect are among the most important and basic emotional needs of men.


Women should know that if they think of their husband as a friend, they will never be able to have a husband (friend) with them for a long time.

In the workplace, women have warm and intimate relationships with friends, relatives, and even their children, and speak to them warmly and kindly, but when confronted with their husbands, they suddenly become someone else.

This is not fair at all, how can you expect a warm, romantic and error-free reaction from someone you do not treat right ?!

Another very important need of men, which is even more important than their need for respect and love, is to see their wife fresh and happy.

Women should know that there is nothing more annoying for men than to see their husbands depressed and frustrated, because when men see this, they feel incompetent and incapable of being able to keep their husbands happy. Men consider themselves the main cause of their wives’ happiness and unhappiness.


Secret 3: Men like to be the leader of the family


The third secret is that women need to know that men inherently like to be the leader and head of the family, and that problems arise when a woman ignores this fact. It is very painful for men to see their spouse ignore them and consider themselves the leader and manager of the house.

Women should not behave in such a way that men feel that they are showing their superiority. Even if you are superior to your spouse in many ways, never make this point to him or her. Do not go step by step with your spouse, stand one step behind him, let your spouse know that you believe in him as the leader of the house. This small step has a big impact on improving your married life. .

Secret 4: Most men sincerely want to have a successful and productive life


Contrary to popular belief, men usually feel as committed to their life together as women and believe in their life together as much as women, but the culture of societies forces women to have the opposite view. Many times men try their best to preserve and save their life together and do not spare any effort in this regard.

Men like to make their wives happy, they like to bring family members together and do the right things. In such a situation, it is the duty of women to help men do these things by creating a healthy and appropriate emotional atmosphere and to encourage them to remain committed to their life together.


For many years, society has introduced men as unconditional beings who do not pay attention to the obligations in their life together, and this has caused many problems in marital relationships. Especially in the past decades, we hear a lot that the cause of women’s dissatisfaction and unhappiness in married life is directly related to men’s mistakes.

Unfortunately, such ideas have led men to isolation and in many cases bad temper, now is the time to realize that the result of such thoughts and ideas is only the cooling of relations and the distance between husband and wife. .

Of course, keep in mind that women have never made such mistakes on purpose, and they never knew how badly their behavior would affect their husbands. In fact, most women’s mistakes were and are completely unintentional and unintentional. Women need to be given a little awareness to understand what effects and consequences their behavior and speech have on men’s behavior. The results of researchers’ experiments on thousands of couples show that creating a little awareness in couples has surprising results in their relationships with their spouses. When couples try to create satisfaction and happiness in the other party, most of the problems are easily solved. Try to make love and make it lasting in your life together and be sure that by making a little change in your behavior, you can turn your wife into the best man on earth.

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