A miraculous way to treat children with cancer

In 2015, when one of these children was 11 years old and the other was 16 months old, a new experimental method was used to treat their disease, and now, after more than 12 months of treatment, they are in perfect health. ‌Brand. In this method, doctors used genetic engineering on the cells of a donor’s immune system. The treatment of these children increased the light of hope for the definitive cure of cancer.

These manipulated cells were designed to attack cancer cells, and when the doctors inserted them into the bodies of the two children, their disease failed.

Prior to the new method, doctors had hoped to treat the children’s disease.

At the time, experts believed that, given that conventional chemotherapy had continued at the same time as the new method, it could not be said with certainty that genetically engineered cells could cure the disease. Have been.

But now a group of doctors led by Professor Wesim Qasim have published an article announcing that after 18 months of treatment for one of the children and a year of treatment for the other, they are both in perfect health. They take.

According to this article, the non-recurrence of the deadly disease of these two children means the success of a new treatment method and genetic editing technology.

This article states that the previous recurrence of the disease of these two children in the face of different forms of treatment, showed the aggressive nature of leukemia in these children.

“We are delighted to be able to show that genetically modified cells can successfully treat leukemia that none of the usual treatments for it can,” wrote Professor Qassem, a professor at College College London, quoting The Independent. “He did not answer.”

“While both patients are currently in good health in their homes, we need to test these results with caution because we are still not sure if this method will be used to treat other patients as well,” he added. “Whether it will have positive results or not.”

Leila Richards is one of two children whose miraculous treatment for advanced leukemia caught the attention of the world’s media in 2015.

According to the report, this treatment will soon be tested on both children and adults.

The medical team article states that there are “potential risks” that need to be carefully considered, including in some cases that donor cells may invade a patient’s healthy cells.

To prevent this possible attack, there is now another way in which the patient’s own cells are removed and after genetic modification are inserted into the body to attack cancer cells.

But this method costs about $ 50,000 per treatment, while the method used by the new medical team costs only $ 4,000 per dose.

The discovery of the possibility of editing or reprogramming cells was a major achievement, winning the 2012 Nobel Prize in Medicine for John Gordon and Shinya Yamanaka. The two researchers discovered different ways to transform mature cells into pluripotent stem cells and showed that the path of cell growth and maturation is not one-way.

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