A new injection was developed for heart failure

Recently, a company called LoneStar Heart developed a license to use an implant to help patients with heart failure. This implant is a type of gel called Algisyl-LVR hydrogel that is used to treat a type of heart failure called dilated cardiomyopathy or dilated cardiomyopathy.

In dilated cardiomyopathy, the muscle wall of the heart thins and the volume inside the ventricles increases, and the heart cannot pump enough blood out of it with each beat. In the new method, the doctor can inject this gel-like substance directly into the muscle wall of the left ventricle.

By injecting this substance into the myocardium or ventricular wall muscle, the ventricular wall becomes harder and thicker, resulting in a reduction in ventricular volume. This reduction in volume brings the ventricular position closer to normal and allows the heart to pump more blood at each beat and less pressure on the heart.

This gel is made of a material that is biologically compatible with the heart muscle, but of course it does not make the wall too tight, and some elasticity remains so that the ventricle can easily deform at any beat.

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