A new method to destroy cancer tumors

Researchers have recently discovered a method to destroy cancer cells. In this method, gold nanoparticles are used. These nanoparticles destroy cancer cells and destroy them. Ultrasound waves are a type of mechanical waves that can attack cells. affect cancer and preserve the healthy waves around tumors and cause the local destruction of cancer cells.

The researchers of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Tarbiat Modares managed to investigate the possibility of simultaneously using ultrasound waves and gold nanoparticles in order to destroy cancer cells by implementing a research project.

According to the special headquarters for the development of nanotechnology, sonotherapy is the treatment of pain using ultrasound waves; The use of ultrasound waves in treatment has been discussed before its use in diagnosis.
Ultrasound waves are mechanical waves and their application inside the body tissue causes heat; This heat acts as a reliever. Today, the use of ultrasound waves for local destruction of tumor tissues has been investigated.
Dr. Ahmed Shanei, a researcher at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, introduced the phenomenon of cavitation caused by the application of ultrasound waves and said in relation to the goals of this project: When ultrasound waves are propagated in the liquid environment, compression areas and expansion areas are created in the liquid; Therefore, local areas experience alternating increases and decreases in pressure. This issue causes the formation and enlargement of gas bubbles, which is known as cavitation.
According to him, in this research, an attempt has been made to destroy cancer cells by simultaneously using ultrasound waves and the cavitation phenomenon and gold nanoparticles. In this research, the optimal size of nanoparticles used in this process has been determined.
Using the process introduced in this research plan to destroy cancer cells causes the least side effects on the healthy tissues around the tumor.
In this design, cavitation phenomenon is used to destroy cancerous tumor. In this way, the bubbles produced due to the application of ultrasonic waves join together and burst after their size reaches a critical size. This creates a very high energy and breaks down water into free radicals. The presence of gold nanoparticles reduces the intensity threshold required for the cavitation phenomenon to occur.
In this project, the effect of the amount and size of gold nanoparticles on the ultrasonic cavitation activity has been investigated; For this purpose, the amount of hydroxyl radical production in the absence and presence of gold nanoparticles has been evaluated in different dimensions and studied as a measure of cavitation intensity.
This research is the result of the efforts of Dr. Ahmad Shanei, a member of the faculty of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, and Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Shanei, a doctoral student at Tarbiat Modares University. The results of this project have been published in the journal Ultrasonics Sonochemistry.
Source: IRNA

October 7, 1395 00:13

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