A new treatment method for infertility

To help young couples who are planning to have children, we suggest the best method of infertility treatment, sperm freezing and strengthening.

Considering that we are in the era of assisted reproductive technologies and on the other hand fertility is possible even for people who have abnormal sperms, therefore the methods of maintaining fertility should not be neglected, in fact maintaining fertility is synonymous with maintaining health and When the health conditions of people in the society are provided, in fact, their fertility is also preserved, although there may be healthy people who are facing the problem of infertility, but in general, it can be said that the measures taken for the health of people are also Su is also with preserving their fertility.

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Kazemini, a urologist and a member of the specialized team of the Ibn Sina Infertility Treatment Center, emphasized that all the measures we take to maintain health are also aimed at maintaining fertility, and said: these two can be very close to each other, for example In a man who has a high and long-term fever, there is a possibility that his body will have problems in making sperm, also in the marriage of couples at an advanced age, or in the delay in trying to conceive a couple, as well as in the treatment of some diseases, such as cancer. Fertility of people is exposed to damage and therefore in all these cases we need to preserve fertility which is very important.
A member of the specialized team of Ibn Sina Infertility Treatment Center explained about the causes and factors that may put men’s fertility at risk: A man may have problems before birth and during pregnancy and growth in the womb. Boys may not have their testicles at birth, and if the testicles are examined by a midwife or specialist and this problem is diagnosed before the age of one year, a surgery is required. This problem can be solved and damage to the testicles can be prevented in the coming years. In addition, any lesions such as inflammation of the testicles or sudden pain, their twists or in case of infection should be treated as soon as possible. See a doctor and be treated, if even after puberty, diseases and problems may arise for men, such as varicocele, which needs treatment if it has a negative effect on sperm quality.
He further added: For example, if a man is suffering from kidney failure and the quality of his sperms is decreasing, we can freeze his sperms to preserve his fertility, so that if his disease develops, we can improve his fertility. Let’s use it.
Dr. Mohammad Reza Sadeghi, an embryologist and a member of the specialized team of Ibn Sina Infertility Treatment Center, pointing out that when we consider a person susceptible to maintaining fertility, it means that a factor threatens and damages this person’s fertility. He said: The first way for us, at least in adults, to find out that a person’s fertility is at risk is to perform sperm analysis, which male specialists and urologists request for sperm analysis after the patient’s visit, and it is based on sperm parameters that diagnose whether this person needs fertility preservation or not and can have natural fertility.
This embryologist went on to emphasize that it is possible for a couple to go to the doctor with the cause of infertility, but the cause of infertility is not male, and added: The task of the sperm is to transfer the father’s chromosomes and genome to the next generation, that is why it is so important. and nowadays, when technologies have come to help humans, we can choose better and more correct sperm even when a person’s sperm has a problem in such a way that it causes egg fertilization and embryo formation.
Dr. Sadeghi explained by enumerating the characteristics of a healthy sperm: the first point is the number of sperm and the second and most important characteristic of a good sperm is its shape, which are affected by harmful factors in the environment and may get hurt
He further added: According to the latest global health standards, if only 4% of the sperms in a person have a normal shape, this person has the possibility of natural fertility.
He said that the suggestion of fertility preservation methods depends on the conditions of the couple: for example, the use of fertility preservation methods in a married couple or in an unmarried person is different depending on their conditions and according to a consultation that takes place, the appropriate method is chosen, which is done in the form of receiving testicular tissue and freezing it, sperm freezing, egg freezing, or embryo freezing in people.
Dr. Rahela Al-Sadat Tawakoli, a specialist in hematology and adult cancer and a member of the specialized team of Ibn Sina Infertility Treatment Center, said: The most diseases that affect male fertility are tumors that involve the testicles, as studies have shown that between 50-65% of people who have a testicular tumor will face a decrease in sperm count from the very beginning, and some malignancies and cancers also invade the ducts that are responsible for the movement and transfer of sperm, and sometimes, there are cancer treatments. which may cause harm to people and cause infertility in them.
He further clarified: The first thing that should be done in order to preserve the fertility of sick people with cancer, especially in men, is to save sperm and freeze it between the diagnosis of the disease and the start of treatment.
It should be mentioned that, in order to familiarize couples with nutrition and its role in infertility treatment, a program entitled Ending Infertility will be broadcast on Saturday, 11/4/93, at 19:00, in cooperation with Ibn Sina Center for Infertility and Frequent Miscarriage. .
Increasing the awareness of couples about infertility, preserving fertility and investigating the problems facing treatment in the country, including referring to non-specialized treatment centers and misconceptions about infertility treatment, are among the most important goals of this center.

February 1, 2013 14:06

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