A new trick to control baldness and hair loss

Recently, researchers have found interesting ways to treat problems related to baldness. Baldness and hair loss in men have created many psychological problems for them, and with the help of a new drug called ruxolitinib, they have achieved interesting results. One of the diseases that cause baldness Alopecia areata is a disease that doctors have been able to deal with with a new method.

One of the worst types of baldness and hair loss that causes severe depression in people is now being treated with an emerging medical method.

Experts from Columbia University Medical Center have tested a drug in a unique experiment on 12 people with alopecia areata and seen their hair grow back completely after four months.

A drug called ruxolitinib, which is now used to treat bone marrow cancer in Western countries, has been experimentally tested on these volunteers for several months, and experts have observed a high percentage of hair regrowth in them.

Alopecia areata is the second most common cause of hair loss in the world, as a result of which the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles and causes baldness.

The disease, which is equally common in men and women and can occur at any age, has yet to be definitively treated, and only immunosuppressive drugs can partially prevent its rapid progression.

In some people, hair grows back after a few months of baldness due to illness; However, these hairs are often white and not as thick as normal hair.

Alopecia areata can have very devastating psychological effects on people’s self-esteem and can lead to psychological problems such as stress, depression, fear of being in the community, damage to social relationships and marriage.

According to research, ruxolitinib can inhibit certain enzymes in the body that increase the resistance of hair follicles to the immune system and prevent hair loss from hair or other parts of the body.

Research has shown that the hair of people undergoing this treatment has more protein and creatine in their roots and the hair survives longer.

Alopecia is the cause of baldness in millions of people around the world every year, and experts hope that this emerging treatment can greatly alleviate the baldness problem in these people.

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