A rare syndrome in a 66-year-old man

A syndrome known as elephantiasis syndrome had plagued this man’s life for ten years. Finally, after several years, he underwent surgery.

The only man in the world who was diagnosed with elephantiasis is finally cured with the help of medical advances. A 66-year-old English man, who suffered from elephantiasis and suffered from this condition for ten years, is finally saved.

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It should be said that the doctors believe that they can remove the extra tumors from his body without cutting his leg.

Investigations show that this 66-year-old man has been unable to walk normally for 10 years due to this disease, and now he hopes that this treatment can change his life and return him to a normal state.

This disease is formed due to the entry of a parasite into the body, and by involving the lymphatic channels of the body, it can change the shape of body parts and cause disability and incapacity in people.

22 September 1393 23:36

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