A series of simple male treatments

With the increasing prevalence of sexual problems and discomforts among couples, we have a series of suggestions and treatments to solve them in men. Please read on.

The problem of male impotence becomes common with age, but it should not necessarily be considered unsolvable. The 10 solutions mentioned below are recommended to solve this problem.

1- Observe your proper nutrition. Foods that are harmful to the heart can also cause an inability to get an erection. Foods such as saturated fats, fried meats, processed foods and several types of vegetables and fruits are also on this list.

2- Maintain a proper weight. High blood pressure or high fat damages the arteries and reduces sexual performance. So with weight loss and fitness you can overcome this problem.

Avoid high fat and high blood pressure.

4 – Strictly avoid drinking alcohol.

Exercise regularly.

Keep your blood testosterone at an acceptable level. Be sure to consult your doctor to do this.

7- Avoid bodybuilding drugs.

8- Avoid risky methods of sexual intercourse. Some methods may damage the penis.

9- Avoid stress and anxiety.

10 – Strengthen your emotional relationship with ways such as buying gifts and having fun outside the home with your spouse.

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