A suitable spouse in the field of marital relationship

What are the personality traits of an ideal spouse and what sexual behaviors does he / she have with his / her spouse? What is his / her personality and mood in the field of marital relations?

In order to prevent such problems and with respect to family privacy, to increase the knowledge of young couples and help improve and strengthen the relationship between spouses, we have prepared and presented the following article.

Like many couples, you can use these words to raise your sexual arousal. Do not let fear and embarrassment deprive you of a warm and pleasant intimacy.

The characteristics of the ideal man in sex can be named as follows: 10, these cases are not so difficult to use and any man can cope with it and be a real man in sex for his wife, a suitable stimulation by you It can take your spouse to the next level. Women understand your efforts well and respond positively to them, their desires are not complicated, use them to see the effects very soon.

1- Men who make love slowly and gently:
They take the time to provoke their spouse and give him or her a chance to slowly light up the flame of his or her lust.

2 – Men who talk to their wives in bed:
Men who do not want to express their feelings with romantic words during sex, pay attention to the fact that expressing romantic feelings before, during and after intimacy with a woman feels popular and safe.

3 – Men who are skilled in kissing:
Every romantic kiss can come down on your spouse like a powerful message and ignite him.

4 – Men who show their wife with their eyes love her and love her:
Know that eye contact between two people is the strongest and most effective communication that results in the activation of other cycles of the body on both sides, so feel popular with a loving look at your spouse and enjoy the benefits of this relationship.

5 – Men who play with their wife’s hair.
6 – Men who are skilled in provoking their wives by touching:
In the process of preparing for intimacy, women need to be prepared for sexual intercourse by caressing and gently touching.

7 – Men who enjoy massaging their wives:
The language of love is touch, your hands are not physical attachments but strong messengers that transmit your sexual power, understand the true meaning of this sentence with a loving caress.

8 – Men who show their love to their wives outside the bedroom and make her feel and believe in popularity:
A “I love you”, a bouquet of flowers, a romantic SMS and a single half-day bell that makes your spouse feel popular can turn into a love storm at night.

9 – Men who prepare themselves physically before falling in love:
Things like mouthwash, perfume and shower و can be effective for preparing your body.

10 – Men who are faithful to their wives:
Do not forget that if your spouse feels that he / she is the only partner in your moments of pleasure, he / she will try harder to enjoy you twice as much.

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