A variety of skin care methods

Do not do anything to take care of your skin and do not act arbitrarily. Try to get acquainted with the correct way to take care of it. We recommend analyzing the important content in this field and what most people do for their skin.

These days, the more you search in cosmetics stores and of course the websites of these products, the more you will be confused which product is suitable for your skin and what works for the benefit and which works to the detriment of your skin? In the meantime, everyone has a claim: one says the solarium is harmless, the other says it is carcinogenic! Or that 100 SPF sunscreen is a better shield against the scorching sun, another claims that 50 SPF sunscreen does the same!

One believes that anti-wrinkle creams are necessary for the skin and another does not believe in them at all. You have heard from some that pimples should be squeezed and pus removed sooner, but some believe that you should not manipulate the pimples! Someone says that it does not matter at all what evil we have done to our skin; I fix it all with a laser! But which of these claims is really true? Which one should you believe and act on?

Laser is not the cure for all pains!

You may think that whatever damage you do to your skin, you can later restore it with a laser, but this is not the case. Lasers have different effects on the skin depending on the depth of their penetration: some of them remove sunburn spots, some of them reduce wrinkles, and although today’s lasers are much less dangerous than their original types, do not forget to damage your skin with this skin. There is not much that can be done to compensate. So it is better not to sunbathe and get tattoos on the tattoo in the hope of a laser.

You do not need strong sunscreen!

We all use sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, namely UVA, UVB and UVC. UVB rays are the main UV rays that cause sunburn, premature aging of the skin, pigmentation and even malignant skin tumors. UVA, with less depth than UVB, still changes the color of skin cells, and UVC does not reach the ground at all because it is absorbed by the ozone layer. The SPF value of sunscreens also indicates the degree of protection of the product from the skin against UVB rays, but the use of sunscreens with at least 15 SPF protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays and does not require higher SPFs.

SPF cream powder is useless!

Do not think that because you have used SPF cream powder, you no longer need sunscreen and your skin will not be sunburned! If you want to protect your skin with just the SPF inside your powder cream, you should use these cosmetics more than 14 or 15 times as much as you normally do to get the SPF written on the label of your powder or cream. Also, remember that on cloudy days, you should renew your sunscreen every two hours, during which the UV rays reach the ground.

Do not “walk” with your skin!

Older people used to say to young teenagers, “Don’t go so far with your skin!” They were right. New research by Dutch scientists has shown that facial skin treatments lead to acne 80% of the time and sometimes make the skin worse than before. In fact, continuous and consistent facial skin treatments such as removing pimples and eliminating inflammation with the device or “microdermabrasion” at first makes you feel good, but this good feeling is very fleeting because it only destroys the outer layer of the skin and except Wasting your money has no other significant effect!

Do not touch the boil!

Digging up pimples while being multifaceted can be fun and even fun for others, and many people get used to it, but perhaps if you know that every time you press your pimples, a lot of pus instead of coming out, The underlying layers of your skin go away, reconsider. This is how a few days later a new pimple appears near your previous pimple on your face! Of course, inflammation, sores, and boils are other side effects. So try to stop yourself or at least use the sanitary ware that is available for draining blackheads in pharmacies.

Soap and water are not always good!

You may think that the easiest, most uncomplicated, and most effective thing you can do to keep your skin healthy is to wash it with soap and water, but remember that washing your skin regularly with strong soaps will eliminate the skin’s natural protective oils and anti-pimples. By sensitizing the skin, it causes it to burn faster. So try to wash your face with mild cleansers and be sure to use a moisturizing lotion or sunscreen after washing.

Do not buy expensive!

You have heard it said, “How much money do you owe, do you eat?” This proverb is not true, at least in the case of cosmetics! Dermatologists believe that many cheap products are much better and more effective than expensive ones, and the proof of this claim is that they are bestsellers. Of course, it is true that expensive products may be of better quality and more effective, but when the same product can be provided at a more reasonable price, why should we go for expensive ones ?! Of course, more expensive products have more varied, better scents and more elegant packaging, but their effect is not much different from similar but cheaper types; So do not think that you have to prepare the most expensive creams and lotions to get the result!

There is only one real anti-wrinkle!

Most anti-wrinkle creams have a very simple mechanism; They tighten and kill the skin by hydrating it. This will make you look younger and more beautiful, but all of these effects are temporary! It is the only topical retinoid that has a proven ability to eliminate wrinkles! This product, which is used in the form of creams and drops, penetrates deep into the skin, thickens the cells, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, especially the damage caused by the scorching sun! Of course, creams containing vitamin C – which is an excellent antioxidant for the skin – have a good effect on the elimination of skin wrinkles, only their effect disappears quickly and should be used regularly.

Do not try any herbal prescription

It must have occurred to you that just because a product or combination is herbal, you can use that product very quickly and without a plan to treat or improve the appearance of your skin, but this move is wrong and very simplistic. Medicinal plants, minerals and natural plants, although bearing the natural title, are not necessarily a safe and secure combination. Sometimes a combination of one or two natural ingredients can be painful for your skin and cause inflammation, redness, dullness or itching and cause problems for you; So before you go to the first store that sells natural products or perfumes, think a little and before that consult a dermatologist or traditional medicine specialist for your skin problem.

We do not have a safe solarium!

You know that sunbathing is very dangerous for the skin and you may resort to solariums, but these devices are also carcinogenic and dangerous with UVB (one of the sun’s ultraviolet rays). Of course, some people think that solariums that filter UVB rays are safe, but these devices also darken the skin through UVA rays, which are another of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, penetrate deep into the skin, and damage skin cells. It eventually causes premature aging and even the spread of skin cancers; So do not be fooled by these professions!

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