A way to shape the breasts

Given that most women today, due to being fashionable, tend to have large breasts, it is necessary to observe the following:

1- Keep your weight constant, fluctuating and increasing and decreasing your body weight, has a great effect on sagging breasts and other organs, you can always keep your weight constant by controlling and following a proper diet, from Avoid weight loss diets that recommend a large amount of weight in a short period of time, because as soon as you lose weight, it increases again in a short time, thus increasing the likelihood of sagging breasts.

2- Choose a suitable bra, carefully in buying a bra, according to the size of the breast, is the best way to fight against sagging and sagging breasts, so when buying, do not pay attention only to its beauty and fancy, in the meantime, be very careful. In case of change in your weight, change the size of the bra according to the new weight and size. They can make the appearance and size of the breasts bigger and more beautiful. Of course, the presence of these pads prevents the skin from breathing and is itself harmful in a way, in special ceremonies and parties, you can use spring and jelly bras for a more beautiful effect.

3- Get in the habit of standing straight and upright. The way you stand upright and straight is one of the important factors in making your chest look more beautiful. Use the muscles of the shoulders and the muscles of the chest, if necessary, include periodic massages in your schedule.

4 – Dry skin, since the skin of the chest and shoulders is very delicate and sensitive, for more beauty and youth, constantly use special moisturizing creams, also when direct sunlight and solarium, be sure to use sunscreen do.

5- For mammography test, see your doctor regularly for control and examination. Due to hormonal changes during ovulation, menstruation, etc., try to set a specific date for this task every month. See a doctor right away if you notice an abnormally soft mass in your arm or chest that rotates under your arm.

6. When exercising and running, be sure to use sports bras. According to recent studies by British universities, sagging breasts in those who regularly use the right bras are reduced by up to 40%, this statistic also shows this. The percentage of sagging breasts in women who use sports bras during active sports will be reduced by 78%.

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