A woman with a face full of tiny tumors

This old Bangladeshi woman is famous for the terrible warts that cover her whole face and everyone is afraid to see this woman’s face. These terrible tumors have covered her whole body, and due to the incurable nature of this disease, the people around this woman stay away from her. they do.

The face of an old Bangladeshi woman is covered with small and large tumors.

“Hosineara Begum” is the name of an old Bangladeshi woman who is famous for having a face full of small and large tumors.

According to Daily Mail, the whole body of the 60-year-old “bigam” is covered with small bumps; Bumps that, of course, at the time of birth, the public thought were boils and there is no concern.

The error of the doctor who tried to solve this problem by cutting the red pimples above his lips and face made things worse and this doctor’s solution caused the tumors to spread all over his body; So that the size of some tumors in his body reached the size of a tennis ball.

The growth of these tumors and their occasional bleeding have caused the suffering of this old Bangladeshi woman who lives with her son.

“Begham” wishes for death every day to get rid of this suffering.


December 11, 2015 21:58

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