A world of complications with the consumption of chicken liver

What is the nutritional value of chicken liver? How should this food be consumed and in what areas is it beneficial for our body? What minerals and vitamins will we get by eating liver? Read more details below

Overconsumption of liver as a rich source of iron, zinc and vitamin B12 can be troublesome for the body and make people regret eating it.

Payam Farahbakhsh, a nutritionist and diet therapist, said about eating liver: The liver is the place of excretion of toxins, so consuming it in large quantities actually introduces toxins from the animal’s body into the consumer’s body.
He added: Although the liver is a very good source of vitamins and minerals (rich in iron, zinc and vitamin B12) and a good option to compensate for the lack of these substances in the body, on the other hand, it cannot be a good choice because of the source of animal body toxins. .
Farahbakhsh said: consuming liver once or twice a month, in addition to providing the necessary vitamins and minerals, can cause less toxins to enter and harm the body.
He advised about the use of liver for pregnant women and growing children: these people should use this substance less to avoid toxic damage to their bodies.
This nutritionist pointed out that liver is not considered as one of the table foods and said: Any cooking from grilling to eating this substance does not cause any problem if it is consumed occasionally.
He added: However, it is better to consume it in small amounts as food, because grilling causes the loss of a portion of its vitamins and minerals (it drips on the fire).
Farahbakhsh reminded: Due to the high vulnerability of the liver, it is not recommended to eat it in the summer season because, in addition to the above problems, it increases the percentage of poisoning and gastrointestinal diseases.
He also stated: When consuming liver, pay attention to its freshness and keeping it in the refrigerator, because neglecting these things can cause diarrhea and vomiting, especially on hot days.

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