Abdominal bloating control at home

Some foods will help you in treating your flatulence and can prevent this condition from getting worse in your body. We suggest you get familiar with home remedies to get rid of flatulence and get help from it for your family members, especially your children. Ginger, Asparagus, water, almond milk, bok choy, cucumber, tomato, kefir and yogurt, mint and fennel can solve problems caused by flatulence.

If you eat a heavy meal, eat fast, or eat food rich in fat, you will feel bloated or full, which is not fun at all. Most puffiness and bloating are temporary and harmless, but talk to your doctor if you experience this constantly.

Also, to prevent bloating, there are foods that can help you and we want to introduce them to you in this article.


Ginger is one of the well-known remedies for stomach discomfort, which is also used to treat bloating and flatulence. Ginger helps digestion and prevents many stomach ailments including nausea and flatulence. You can use ginger candy, ginger tea or add fresh ginger directly to yogurt and fried foods.


As you pass urine, eliminate bloating. Asparagus contains probiotics that support the good bacteria in the digestive system. Its combination with the property of expelling fluids from the body helps to eliminate bloating.


Should we drink water if we are bloated? Yes. But avoid fizzy drinks because they worsen bloating and cause stomach problems. Drinking water helps flush everything out of your body. You can even add slices of cucumber, orange or lemon to the water you drink for flavor.


Chewing celery is just like exercise for the jaw, but it also helps to get rid of bloating. Celery can be used as a digestive aid to control intestinal gas, as it contains chemicals that reduce fluid retention.

almond milk

Some of us cannot tolerate dairy products and the reason is that we have problems digesting lactose. The plant type of dairy products can be a good alternative so that you don’t get bloated anymore. The sugar or lactose in milk can cause bloating and pain. Dairy proteins can cause inflammation, which leads to mucus build-up and fluid retention.

Bok Choi

Leafy greens like bok choy can help reduce inflammation and swelling because they contain dietary nitrates, which open blood vessels and increase blood flow to areas where fluids need to be removed, such as a swollen abdomen. In addition, leafy greens contain the electrolytes magnesium and potassium. Adding magnesium and potassium to your diet can help balance the minerals and prevent the body from retaining too much sodium.

kefir and yogurt

If you have no problem with consuming dairy products, try kefir, which is a fermented form of milk, and yogurt. Both contain probiotics that are good for the stomach, body, and bloating. Kefir and yogurt improve the good bacteria in the gut, which makes the digestive system work better.


Cucumber is crispy on the outside and 96% water inside. This fixed leg of salads helps to remove swelling and bloating from the body. Cucumbers also contain fiber, which helps the digestive tract work more smoothly. Do not use cucumbers only for salads. Use it as a snack and in sandwiches.


Tomatoes are very useful for removing bloating and swelling. Tomatoes are rich in potassium, which helps balance sodium levels in the body, thereby reducing water weight.


This Mediterranean vegetable is known for its licorice-like taste. The next time your stomach feels bloated, eat its seeds or drink fennel tea. Research has shown that fennel, in addition to its many benefits, helps to reduce gas and swelling a lot.


When you are bloated, drink a cup of mint tea with your dinner. Mint tea is a great option to start a meal and improves digestion. Peppermint is a herbal remedy that is used for many digestive problems, including bloating and flatulence.

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