Abdominal fat and its consequences

Accumulation of fat in the abdomen is a risk factor for chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. In people who are normal weight, belly fat also increases the risk of these diseases, which is good in Learn more about this.

Sweets, including cakes, biscuits, crackers and cookies, which are considered healthier food choices than other snacks such as chips and puffs, in addition to high amounts, said the senior nutrition expert at Shiraz School of Nutrition and Food Sciences. Sugar contains high amounts of trans fatty acids and can lead to obesity, overweight and especially the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

“Fatemeh Sadeghi” continued: Consumption of sugary drinks such as soft drinks, syrups, juices and sweet tea, which are popular drinks in Iran, is associated with an increase in belly fat, low-protein and low-fiber diet also increases the accumulation of belly fat. Becomes.

He added: “In addition to nutrition-related issues, other environmental factors including inactivity, stress, menopause and insufficient sleep are also effective in increasing the accumulation of fat in the middle part of the body.”

Master of nutrition in Shiraz School of Nutrition and Food Sciences to reduce belly fat as a health solution, recommended: reduce the consumption of sweets and sugary drinks and follow a balanced diet with adequate protein and fiber, as well as increase activity Physical is recommended to correct the pattern of fat distribution in the body and reduce stress.


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