Abdominal pain and these are important tips

The advice of internal medicine specialists for abdominal pain is to take it seriously. You should not overlook it and think that nothing has happened. Some pains will be transiently long or continuous. You must find the cause of each.

Dr. Mehrabian, a specialist in gastrointestinal diseases, said: “Abdominal pain is one of the discomforts that each person has felt one or more times.” Sometimes this pain is transient and sometimes annoying, sometimes it goes away well and happily, and sometimes it is troublesome and requires serious diagnostic and treatment measures. On the one hand, pain is the cause of the patient’s discomfort and torment, but on the other hand, it is a warning sign of a disorder in the structure or function of internal organs, which without this seemingly annoying warning sign could lead to serious and sometimes fatal dangers.

He continued: “In general, diagnosing the cause of abdominal pain is sometimes very difficult because firstly, the abdomen is a closed area that contains several adjacent organs that make it difficult to find the cause, on the other hand, pain is a feeling expressed by the patient and This expression is basically in different people depending on the tolerance threshold of people.

Dr. Mehrabian stated: “In some cases, malfunctions in various systems cause pain that can not be detected by any examination, radiography, and only the patient’s precise expression and the doctor’s accuracy can be helpful.”

He noted: “Therefore, the patient pays close attention to the characteristics of pain, including the time of pain, the exact location of pain, the quality of pain (burning, dull, uniform and continuous or intermittent), the areas where the pain spreads, factors that aggravate the pain.” Or pain relief can be helpful and helpful in diagnosis. It is far from expected from a doctor to reach the correct diagnosis and treatment without the above cases.

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