Absorption syndrome – causes and symptoms

The problem of malabsorption is the problem of absorbing nutrients from food. Many diseases can cause malabsorption. Misabsorption is usually the inability to absorb certain sugars, fats, proteins, or vitamins in food. It can also be a general malabsorption of food.

Intestinal malabsorption of ingested food can cause osmotic diarrhea, steatorrhea, or certain deficiencies (such as iron, folate, B12, vitamins E, D, A, and K). The table (common causes of malabsorption) lists the common causes of intestinal malabsorption. Protein donor entropy arises from a variety of causes of malabsorption. This disease is associated with hypoalbuminemia and is determined by measuring fecal α1-antitrypsin or labeled albumin levels. Its treatment is in line with the treatment of underlying diseases.

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