Achieving weight loss with some nutritional tricks

Losing weight is not as difficult and unattainable as you think, you can achieve it with a little care in your diet. Fitness has become a dream for some people. Their opinion on how to chew food, the amount of food consumed daily, changing the eating culture will be very influential in this field.

You don’t need to look for complicated solutions and suffer from starvation to lose weight.

Eating is a movement and a mechanism that must be corrected at the beginning, i.e. entering the food into the mouth and then into the stomach, etc., i.e. how to chew the food…

Lose weight by changing the culture of eating and chewing

One day, I went to one of the experts in this field to control and lose weight.

He told me: You should reduce the amount of food consumed daily.

I said: I don’t eat anything, even if I drink water, I get fat.

He answered calmly: Accept, you are one of the exceptions on the planet, and you get fat by drinking water. How many glasses of water do you drink a day?

I said: About 15 glasses.

He answered: Accept, drink 10 glasses of water a day from now on to lose weight slowly.

After many visits to them, I finally realized that I have to change my eating culture in order to get two basic results;

1. Enjoy eating.

2. I don’t have to worry about gaining weight during and after eating.

Therefore, if I can put these three things into my daily eating habits, I will never worry about eating and gaining weight again;

1. During lunch and dinner, I should put only the salad and its side dishes on the table, and when the salad bowl is empty, then I will put the main dish on the table.

Experience says: if we put the salad and the main dish on the table at the same time, most of the time, at the end of the meal, it is the salad that is added and these are the high-calorie foods that have been eaten.

If I eat enough salad at lunch and dinner, my body will thank me for four reasons;

A) Salad is anti-cancer of the digestive tract.
b) Salad is a good anti-constipation.
c) Salad along with drinking liquids to the extent that most of the time the color of urine is light, it makes the skin fresh.
t) Salad creates a feeling of satiety, without adding extra calories to the body and causing obesity.

2. In addition to taking each bite of food small, at first I try to keep it in my mouth for 10 seconds and chew it slowly, then send it into my stomach, in this case, my body will thank me again for three reasons. and in this context, he will consider me as a worthy manager for his administration;

A) Because the food is chewed completely, the stomach will not have to do the work of the teeth in softening the food, so the health of the stomach will be guaranteed in the long run.
b) If I chew each mouthful in 10 seconds and then deliver it to my stomach, it is equivalent to 10 mouthfuls in one second, and both of them create the same satiety for my body. But in terms of calories, where is that and where is this? And the work of the stomach will be greatly reduced.
c) I will guarantee the health of the molars in the long term, because if I use the molars permanently and regularly, the shelf life of food between them will decrease, so their decay will also decrease.

3. Take care of the snacks between main meals.

Experience and scientific researches say: Uncontrolled and unaccountable snacks play a major role in weight gain.

I wrote this sentence on a piece of paper legibly and boldly:

Ten bites of food in one second
A bite of food in ten seconds
They have the same saturation

Of course, in order to achieve a good and reliable result with the help of my consultant doctor, I tried to gradually increase the time of chewing food to thirty seconds during six months, and to achieve this goal, I put two basic tasks at the top of my schedule at the dinner table;

1- When I put each bite of food in my mouth, I don’t chew it immediately, but first, without chewing, I rotate it in my mouth to enjoy its taste while mixing with saliva and preparing for digestion in the stomach. Make me feel full.

2- Because it was hard to get used to chewing for a long time, and I was immersed in daily thoughts between meals, and unconsciously, like before, I would deliver the food to my stomach quickly and without chewing. We had to warn each other when we saw that someone was in the world of Heprot and devoured the food quickly, we used to have a competition to determine who could have the most control over chewing each bite while eating. be

With this method and solution, in addition to controlling my weight, I always enjoy eating without worrying about gaining weight.


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