Acne and its aggravating factors

Why do we face acne on the skin? What are the important causes of this condition in girls and boys? Why do we face such a situation? How can we eliminate the factors that aggravate such skin problems? They suffer from pimples, flaking of the skin, darkening and darkening of the skin, among the consequences of acne on the skin.

Pimple or acne, in addition to damaging the skin and taking away its beauty, also has a significant impact on people’s self-confidence and can even prevent a person from high-quality social activities. That is why this problem should not be taken lightly. The cause of this common skin problem is not very clear, but the majority of people who suffer from it are teenagers and young people, who usually have acne on their face by the age of 25. We have had a conversation with Dr. Amirhosheng Ehsani, a skin and hair specialist, about acne, its causes, and treatment methods, which we recommend you to read.

Do girls get pimples more or boys?
One of the signs of puberty is the onset of facial and body acne. Of course, as you get older, this process improves, although it is not possible to estimate the exact age of acne cessation and improvement, but it can be said that it usually starts with puberty and disappears after 2 or 3 years, but in some people, this problem continues. will find. Acne is considered a disease when accompanied by severe physiological changes, but in milder cases, it cannot be considered a disease. An important point in the occurrence of acne is the gender of people. According to research, women suffer from acne more than men. Accordingly, 70-80% of women have one or two pimples during their life and they mostly face this problem, but it is interesting to know that men face more severe cases of acne, although despite its high severity, recovery and treatment are also fast. it happens

What is the cause of acne?
Contrary to popular belief that acne occurs due to hormonal changes, it must be said that this is not always the case. Several other important factors have been mentioned for the formation of boils, which can be mentioned as follows:
• Increase in body skin fat
• Abnormal disorder in skin peeling, so that the skin accumulates and whiteheads or blackheads are formed.
• Inflammation and creation of germs in the face, which aggravates acne
• Hormonal issues and changes
In addition to the factors that cause acne on the face, some things such as the use of corticosteroids or some vitamins, as well as stress and smoking can be among the factors that aggravate acne.

What should be the treatment?
When acne occurs, you should see a doctor and he can suggest you two types of treatment according to the severity of acne; Oral or topical treatment. If the acne is very severe, it is likely that the doctor will recommend oral treatment. But when your acne is not big, the doctor only prescribes topical treatment. If acne changes from mild to moderate, it is better to take oral treatment because oral treatment has a faster and better effect on the treatment, although it may be associated with side effects. If you want to cure your acne, you have to be patient because the treatment of this problem is usually long-term. Pimples are not supposed to be completely cured with two days or one week of medication. You have to wait at least 4 to 6 months to see the results of using the drugs, and during this time, take the drugs regularly because any interruption in the use of the drug increases the possibility of acne recurrence and exacerbation.
Can birth control pills cure acne?
In order to know what is the cause of your acne, it is not necessary to do a test, it is enough for the doctor to take a history from you to find out the cause. Among the drugs that are very effective in treating acne are contraceptives. These drugs are good for acne. The important thing when prescribing birth control pills is that these drugs contain a lot of estrogen. If you go to contraceptives yourself, you will come across different types that can confuse you. These drugs should be prescribed by a doctor based on their different types and the appropriate dosage. You must pay attention to the fact that some contraceptives may even increase your pimples and acne. Medicines do this because instead of having more estrogen, they contain more progesterone, which makes your acne worse.

Pregnancy and facial acne
The most hormonal changes happen during pregnancy, as a result of which a person may develop acne or even find acne-free skin, the exact cause of which is unknown. But the treatment during this period is done in a special way due to the special conditions of the person and the oral medicine may be completely removed.

What does soap do to pimples?
Some may think that washing the face with soap can be effective in removing acne, while this detergent has no effect on acne treatment. All the soap does is regulate the oiliness of the skin and reduce its bacteria. During the use of anti-acne drugs, the skin naturally becomes dry, and therefore the use of soap can aggravate this dryness. Soap can have a good effect on acne if the acne is mild and the use of antibacterial soaps helps to control the oiliness of the skin and can cure this problem by eliminating bacteria.

What is the result of acne breakouts?
Many people who get inflamed pimples pop it, thinking that now that the inflammation has subsided, the pimple will heal, while you’re only moving the inflammation around the pimple. The result is that skin pigments are activated and its effect remains as darkness on the skin. If necessary, this work is done only by a doctor and with a standard boil drainage device. It’s true that squeezing a pimple doesn’t make it worse, but it can leave a dark spot on the skin. In addition, sometimes some skins get depressions instead of spots and become pits. The reason for this problem is one due to the skin type and the second due to the severity of acne. Two other important reasons for this occurrence are the manipulation of the boil and its late treatment.

Important problem: acne after shaving
If you are one of those people who get red and pimples after shaving, it’s better not to worry because this pimple is not real and is called non-infectious folliculitis, which only occurs because the hair returns to the skin. To prevent this from happening, you should use after-shave products that do not boil. One of these drugs is tretinoin and fruit acid, which can easily solve your problem with a few uses, and you will no longer have non-infectious pimples.

Pay attention to your diet
One of the food ingredients that can affect pimples or acne is sweets. By eating sweets, blood sugar rises quickly and causes pimples. Some people are also sensitive to milk and start to boil after eating it. These people should not use this dairy product and it is better to replace it with other products. Probably, you yourself will find out in your diet what causes or aggravates acne in your skin. One of the ingredients that you should replace the so-called acne-causing foods is fruits and vegetables. First of all, you should forget about sweets to prevent the aggravation of pimples. But you don’t need to remove mayonnaise from your table because this sauce only raises blood fat, which is completely ineffective in acne. One of the substances that women consume daily and increase the possibility of pimples is the use of cosmetic products such as pancakes and powder cream, which can clearly cause the aggravation of pimples. To prevent this from happening, it is better to use fat-free or low-fat cosmetics. Of course, if you have pimples on your face, it is better not to use any cosmetics and look for non-greasy types of sunscreen. Using a moisturizing cream that is fat-free is also very important and necessary. Any product with fat on the face that has pimples will undoubtedly aggravate the pimples and this is an issue that must be observed.

If you are bothered, eat rakutan
Many people have been struggling with their acne for years and may be tired of multiple and useless treatments. Therefore, these people are advised to use Racutan drug, which is one of the most effective drugs for acne treatment. Of course, keep in mind that this drug is like a double-edged sword, because if its side effects are not controlled, it will cause serious damage to the internal system of the person. One of the most important points that must be observed when taking the drug is that a person should not get pregnant from the time of starting the drug until at least 3 months after stopping the drug, and in case of pregnancy, the fetus should be aborted. This drug is almost the only drug that eliminates all four causes of acne because it contains another form of vitamin A. If a person’s pimples are severe and there is no improvement after several treatment sessions, usually the doctor finally prescribes Racutan.

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