Acne on the skin with these internal problems

Some people have hormonal problems with pimples. Others have neurological and genetic problems. These skin conditions are also related to our nutrition. We want to know effective ways to prevent acne and pimples on the face. Read more with us Be with me.

“More than 90% of pimples on the face and body have nothing to do with nerves and nerves,” said a dermatologist.

Dr. Gholamreza Eshghi stated: Only 10% of facial pimples may be caused by unbalanced mental states, discomfort and nervousness, which of course has no scientific aspect.

He added: “One of the causes of pimples on the face is hormonal changes and disorders that occur mostly in women after puberty and in the menstrual cycle.”

Eating sweets, fats and fats can cause pimples

“There are many causes for pimples to appear on the skin, one of the main reasons being the consumption of sweets, fats, sausages, sausages and fast foods,” Eshghi said.

He emphasized that the presence of cosmetics, especially its oily type, has a destructive effect on the skin and leads to pimples, emphasizing: Avoid keeping makeup on the skin for a long time and wash your makeup before going to bed.

“Genetics” is an effective factor in causing acne

Eshghi called “genetics” one of the most important factors in causing acne and said: “These types of acne vary from mild to severe and usually do not recur with proper treatment.”

How to treat our pimples?

The dermatologist explained that if the treatment is done correctly, the possibility of recurrence is very rare: to treat all types of pimples due to its severity and weakness from topical medications, antibacterial soaps, oral medications and if Need laser treatment is used.

Laser therapy is not the first step in treating acne

Eshghi stated that laser treatment is not the first step in treating pimples, adding: “First, we try to remove pimples with topical and oral drugs, and in the last stages, and if necessary, we use laser treatment.”

“People with severe acne usually have three to six months of treatment,” he said. It becomes.

Expensive medicines and soaps have little effect on acne

Eshghi emphasized: Expensive medicines and soaps do not have much effect on removing pimples.

Be careful when using sunscreen

He stated that the sunscreen used in people with pimples must be of the non-greasy type, he said: After using sunscreen, wash your face every two hours and apply it on your face again.

The dermatologist said about anti-acne herbal soaps that are distributed in perfumeries: “These soaps are not without grace and can be said to leave up to 10% of anti-acne effect on the skin.”

Medical advice

Eshghi advised: To prevent and treat acne in the first stage, you should follow a diet and avoid high-fat foods and sweets, fast foods, sausages and hot dogs. Next, you need to be careful about your makeup and avoid putting it on your face for long periods of time. Also do not use wet pads or wipes. ایسنا

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