Addicted to watching pornographic movies in men

If your spouse is interested in watching pornographic scenes and has some sexual dysfunction, it is better to follow these tips.

Dr. Fatemeh Ranjbar, a psychiatrist, believes that resorting to pornography not only does not help to warm up your marital relationship with your spouse, but by making your spouse addicted to watching these images, it can keep you away from each other every day. In this article, he tells you what to do with your spouse who is used to watching pornography.

Can’t get close to you?

Many of the problems your spouse is struggling with today stem from his or her childhood. The tendency to porn is no exception to this rule. If your spouse is not willing to have a marital relationship or is frightened, anxious, or guilty about doing so, you need to step back a bit. Unintentionally and unintentionally seeing pornographic images as a child may have created such a fear in him.

Before puberty, a child may only watch porn out of curiosity and not be sexually aroused because puberty has not occurred, so he may think of the scenes as violence because he does not yet have sex and a precise understanding of sex, which can In the future, it can lead to anxiety, guilt, mental preoccupation with images seen, sexual disgust and even pain. If you suspect your spouse has such a problem, you can consider it, but do not forget that not all people go to these pictures for such a reason.

Do not you think?

Your spouse’s teen mistakes can ruin your life together today. In adolescence and after puberty, watching pornographic scenes can have lasting negative effects on the psyche. Watching porn in adolescence does not mean that adolescents have unhealthy sexual orientation. Sometimes a teenager is not yet aware of sexual issues, and shyness prevents him from asking his parents or other people about it, and he only sees porn out of curiosity to enhance his sexual information.

But repetition of pornographic scenes to satisfy this curiosity not only does not increase the adolescent’s sexual information, but also exaggerated sex scenes in which there is no emotion and love and only emphasis on sexual gratification, distorts perception. A healthy relationship will be accompanied by love and affection in the future. If your spouse has a history of failed marriages and is still unable to give you his or her entire body and mind today, he or she may be caught up in the false or disturbing image he or she brought with him or her as a teenager. But before you give him any label, make sure of this.

Curiosity lost the job?

Have you seen your spouse watching porn and you feel like your life is lost? Before you know it all, you need to know how far this has gone. Sometimes just a simple curiosity in adults is the reason for the tendency to watch porn, and when the curiosity goes away, it stops. But some people prefer to experience the pleasure of watching a movie instead of having a relationship with their spouse.

In fact, their sexual preference is to watch porn, not a human. This can happen to both men and women, whether married or single. In single people, the continuation of this situation causes the person to avoid marriage, or if he marries, sexual intercourse with his wife will have no place in his cohabitation. Before you make a crisis out of this story, you need to know what stage your spouse is at and how dependent he or she is on these images.

Is the work over?

Your marital relationship has cooled and you just found out that your spouse is going to watch porn? So maybe your problem is more acute than you think. In married people, over time, the desire for porn reduces the desire for sex with the spouse, and this can lead to a decrease in the emotional relationship between them and a decrease in the capacity to love each other.

Sometimes a married person, seeing pornography exaggerated in pornographic films, raises his or her sexual expectations of his or her spouse and underestimates his or her sexual attractiveness, and can no longer be sexually satisfied through his or her spouse. For this reason, these people turn to watching porn and replacing it with their marital relationship, and without knowing it, they destroy the love that they have been trying to build for years. But there may be coldness between you for other reasons, so talk to your spouse first and find the main problem. Maybe you are to blame for creating this gap.

Get treated

If you see your spouse watching a porn movie, stop gossiping and look for a solution.
Do not be quick to judge your spouse, and before you put any label on him, put the signs together and check. Pornography is like any other addiction and occurs when a person spends many hours a day engaging in pornography or engaging in harmful behaviors such as paying too much money, engaging in illegal activities, and gaining tools. . . .

It beats and it disrupts his daily life. In the face of a person who frequently uses pornography, whether it is a child, teenager or spouse, it is important to know the motivation of the person to want porn; For example, in cases where a person is married, does a mere curiosity lead him to watch porn? Is he having trouble having sex with his wife? Do the problems of daily family life reduce his emotional relationship with his wife, and as a result, his wife’s sexual attractions do not satisfy her as before? In any case, an open and frank conversation between the spouses involved in this issue can help identify the motives and solve the problem. Finally, getting help from a sex therapist or sex therapist can be the solution.

Treat the man of your life

Know your spouse’s motivations. Why did he resort to such behavior? Did your strong differences cause this tendency or did he enter this process completely unknowingly? You need to be aware of the reason for this and get rid of it before you start to break your spouse’s habit.

– After finding the cause, it is time to identify the amplifiers. Identify the factors that reinforce his behavior. Has friendship with people with the same tendencies, spending a lot of time alone and unemployment trapped him in such a trap?

To help your spouse break this addiction, you need to know the mitigating factors. Being in family gatherings, working, strengthening your relationship as a couple and many other ways can help you in this regard.

– It is you who can increase his inner motivation to leave this behavior. Improving family relationships, making progress in work, and considering rewards for quitting can increase his or her willingness to give up the habit. So review these reinforcing reasons with him once.

Introduce him to the consequences of his addiction. Warn him that if this behavior continues, you will leave him and his life will be ruined; Of course, before you make such a claim, make sure you can stand your ground. If your spouse does not see a change in your behavior by repeating his or her habit, he or she will no longer count on your threats. If you have no intention or possibility of leaving him in spite of everything, do not ruin the job with your empty threats.

– Grab the string of religion. Finally, perhaps nothing is more effective in preventing people from turning to porn than believing in moral and religious values. Raising moral values ​​and religious affiliations in families and society is certainly the most important factor in preventing or stopping the use of pornography. Green Apple

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