Adequate use of vitamin D

In order to get enough vitamin D, it is better to be careful and try to observe the necessary caution in this field, avoid arbitrarily taking its supplement and never take it excessively because there is a possibility of poisoning.

Regarding vitamin D, Dr. Reza Mosaed, a member of the Iranian Association of Clinical Pharmacy Specialists, said: Inadequate contact of the skin with sunlight, as well as not consuming the required amount of foods containing vitamin D such as cereals, milk, eggs, are the main reasons for the lack of this vitamin.

Dr. Mosead continued: Food sources supplying this vitamin are very limited. The highest amount of this vitamin is provided by exposure to sunlight and by their synthesis in the skin. Among different age groups, children and adolescents under 18 years old and elderly people over 70 years old need more vitamin D than other age groups. The important thing about babies who are breastfed is that it is possible to supply vitamin D to the body of these babies by available supplement drops because breast milk cannot fully supply the vitamin needed by the child.

He added: Increasing consumption of vitamin D causes poisoning with this vitamin. Unfortunately, with the spread of the fact that the vitamin D level of Iranians is lower than the global average level, many compatriots take this vitamin arbitrarily, and this has led to an increase in reports of vitamin D poisoning in recent months.

He stated: It is better to avoid arbitrarily taking vitamin D supplements, either in the form of injectable products or in the form of tablets.

Dr. Saed Khater pointed out: It is recommended that women and elderly people, who are more prone to problems caused by vitamin deficiency, should first evaluate their vitamin D3 serum level before taking any medicine and take the medicine according to the doctor’s prescription.

March 5, 1394, 14:00

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