Adipose tissue and premature puberty

Did you know that abdominal fat is one of the most important factors in causing premature puberty in teenagers?

Nutritionist Dr. Payam Farah Bakhsh said: One of the main causes of premature puberty is the wrong diet.

He added: Today, we see obesity among teenagers more than in the past. Consuming fast food, fatty foods, foods that do not contain vegetables and fruits, all of these have joined hands to increase the fat tissue of our children, and this fat tissue will be the basis for early puberty in our teenagers.

He clarified: If we want a solution, the first step is to reduce saturated fats. Fats such as: butter, cream, buttermilk, animal oils, as well as trans fats such as solid oil should be avoided.

In the end, he stated: Besides nutrition, exercise can be helpful, but the main role is determined by nutrition.


August 22, 1394 14:18

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