Alarming statistics of AIDS and unhealthy sexual relations

According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Health about AIDS and with the increase of unconventional and unhealthy sexual relations among the people of the society, it can be said that this disease has reached the warning limit, so be careful of dangerous sexual behaviors.

Marzieh Vahid Dastjardi added: The rate of transmission of AIDS and HIV through unconventional sexual relations is still lower than other methods such as injection, but its growth is much higher.

He continued: We have almost controlled the growth of injectable AIDS in the country and we have no problem and it has remained at the same level as before. But the growth of the transmission of AIDS through sex has increased and become dangerous. The Minister of Health emphasized: If the same process of the growth of AIDS continues through unhealthy sexual relations, we will see in the next 10 years, 50% of the infected with the AIDS virus in our country through sex. are infected Because each person, especially among street women, can infect 5 people on average.

He said: “The statistics we have are that 50% of these people do not use regular prevention methods such as condoms.” That’s why people who come in contact with them get infected. These people may later transmit the AIDS virus to other people, even their spouses. Therefore, the AIDS statistics are very dangerous and worrying. Vahid Dastjardi continued: There are also stimulants and psychoactive substances such as glass, crack, etc., which create states in people that increase sexual desire 8 to 10 times and cause They can lose taking care of themselves and if they used to use a cover to avoid getting infected, now they lose it. In this way, these people can no longer prevent AIDS.

He said: “Sometimes we even see that these people commit murders and crimes and illegal acts even with their incest.” Therefore, these two issues, i.e. non-conventional sexual relations and psychoactive substances such as glass, can ignite the AIDS volcano in the country. The way is to keep reminding the youth and people to be careful because they are very much at risk.

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