Alcohol consumption is dangerous for everyone

One of the depressants is alcohol, which has a significant amount of ethanol. People who consume alcohol for a long time become physically dependent, and alcohol has a significant impact on the role of consumers in society. Wine, beer and beverages Distillates are the three main groups of alcoholic beverages.

Recent research by British scientists has shown that alcohol consumption, even in small amounts, is dangerous for all age groups and has irreparable consequences.

In addition to increasing heart disease and stroke, alcohol consumption causes Alzheimer’s disease in early middle age and affects the nervous system of the brain.

One of the most common diseases caused by alcohol consumption is the weakening of the eyes and in people who consume it regularly, it results in blindness and loss of vision.

Alcohol also causes cancers of the esophagus, mouth, trachea, larynx and throat.

Contrary to popular belief, drinking not only does not reduce the risk of heart disease, but there is a strong link between alcohol consumption and heart disease, especially heart attack, according to the UK Health Advisor.

Source: Fars News Agency

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