All about appendectomy care

The patient is placed in a semi-sitting position, It is necessary to give painkillers to reduce pain in the first 24 hours after the operation. Wound care and dressing change, the patient is fasting for up to 24 hours after surgery

Arash Najafi said: If a person has appendectomy without any special complications, he should not eat for up to six hours and then follow the four stages of clear liquid, complete soup, soft diet and high-calorie high-protein diet.

He continued: “The first stage is the smooth liquid diet, which includes smooth soups, and after that the person can use the whole soup.”

According to this nutrition expert, a soft diet is the next step, which includes soft foods, porridge, yellow flakes and lean muscle. Because a person has not been getting enough nutrients for a while, he or she needs a high-calorie, high-protein diet, including red and white meat, eggs, milk, and که, which can even be fortified with a protein such as milk powder. In this diet, cream and butter can be used to increase calories.

The nutritionist explained that a person who has had an appendix may have a fever: “It is recommended that the person drink more fluids.”

Najafi said: “Because this action has caused a wound in the body, a person needs zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin K to heal the wound, which can come from sources such as fruits, tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, probiotic yogurt, red meat, muscle.” Dairy, liver, cantaloupe, mango and apricot provide these vitamins.

He added: “In some cases, the doctor may use a laxative, in which case it is recommended to consume fiber in a way that neither the person suffers from constipation nor bloating, because bloating is harmful to the person who has appendectomy.”

Najafi added: “Antibiotics are definitely used for these people, and it should be known that this antibiotic may interfere with some substances, such as calcium.”

The nutritionist believes that all this process does not take more than two or three days and the person has no dietary restrictions after that.

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