All about foreplay

One of the most important stages of having sex is foreplay. Pre-caressing has a great effect on a woman’s mental peace and also helps women to have a faster orgasm. Many people are of the opinion that foreplay means stroking the excitable hair of a woman’s body. But you should know that this statement is completely wrong.

These works are only the final part of the foreplay.


For women, caressing hours; It starts days or even weeks before you even go to bed!

1. Anything that gives comfort to a woman is considered foreplay; The more relaxed a woman is, the more ready and sexual she will be.

2. The things that women usually do to reach themselves; all of them are considered pre-caressing.

3. Talking about issues and problems with a woman is considered a form of foreplay for her. Talking about feelings for women relieves their tensions and worries.

February 9, 1392 00:20

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