All environmental risks for infertility

About 10% of couples in the United States of reproductive age have fertility problems. About 30% of these cases are due to problems in men and 30% problems in women and the rest are related to unknown factors or multiple factors related to both couples.

Do you know that apart from problems and disorders related to the reproductive system, environmental factors, lifestyle and some diseases can overshadow men’s fertility?

Dr. Mohammadreza Safarinejad, a kidney and urinary tract surgeon and specialist, said: “Wrong lifestyles such as insisting on smoking and drugs, drinking alcoholic beverages, and obesity and overweight due to overeating or inactivity can reduce men’s fertility.” In addition, the use of some male hormones in gyms and arbitrarily or forced to take chemotherapy drugs can endanger men’s reproductive health.

He pointed out that some environmental factors can cause disruption in the production and function of sperms. Among these factors, we can mention the continued use of saunas and jacuzzis, wearing tight underwear, and excessive exposure to pesticides and chemicals. “In general, the continuous high temperature of the testicles due to working in factories and productions that deal with ovens and fire can also lead to impaired production and quality of sperms and infertility in men.

The professor of the Army University of Medical Sciences added: “Suffering from varicocele or damage to the testicles due to exercise and possible severe blows to them are also considered as other factors of male infertility.”

Finally, Safarinejad mentioned that chemotherapy and radiotherapy in men suffering from cancer can also cause disruption in the normal process of sperm production and this disruption can lead to temporary or permanent infertility for this group of patients.

December 4, 2013 13:40

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