All false sexual superstitions

There are some misconceptions and beliefs among people that we point out to be right and wrong.

This article addresses some of these beliefs and corrects them.

1. Women who do not reach orgasm are cold-tempered!
This belief is wrong. The belief that women who do not orgasm are cold-tempered is probably based on Freud’s theory that only women who have a vaginal orgasm are sexually healthy and that reaching orgasm by stimulating the clitoris is a sign of a neurological disorder. Today, this belief is completely rejected. A woman who reaches orgasm from stimulation of the clitoris area has definitely experienced some kind of orgasm and is not cold at all. Women who do not reach orgasm but want to have a marital relationship are also not called cold-tempered in medical terms.

2. Women either reach vaginal orgasm or clitoral orgasm
This belief is wrong. Women should not be divided into two groups. Although most women experience clitoral orgasm and a few vaginal orgasms, there are women who experience both orgasms.

3. Some women never reach orgasm
This belief is wrong. Maybe instead of saying that some women do not reach orgasm, it is better to say that they are approaching orgasm. A woman may not have had an orgasm in her 30s but will reach it in her 32s. Sometimes a woman never orgasms with her first husband, but in the second marriage she experiences this feeling because the woman reaches orgasm largely depends on the man’s behavior and the mental images he creates.

4. Women do not enjoy marriage
Is wrong. The pleasure of having a marital relationship is a separate issue from reaching orgasm.

5. For a successful marriage, you must reach orgasm
This belief is also wrong. After the developments of the 20th century, orgasm was discussed for a long time, and many women who did not reach this point of sexual pleasure were considered cold-tempered. Men also sometimes felt powerless to be able to orgasm their wives. This caused a lot of disintegration in cohabitation at the time because women attributed it to male impotence and men to female coldness, but the fact is that sexual pleasure is important to women and not reaching orgasm does not prevent this feeling. .

6. Pretending to orgasm is good for lasting cohabitation
This belief is wrong. Some women try to pretend they have reached orgasm to improve their relationship with their husbands, while this damages the marital relationship and prevents the woman from reaching orgasm. On the other hand, lying separates couples. Achieving orgasm and sexual pleasure is the result of a proper and honest relationship between couples. It is the woman who, with the right guidance, teaches her husband how to bring him closer to the climax of pleasure.

7. Some orgasms are real and some are false
Is wrong. Orgasm can be experienced in many different ways; For example, sometimes we smile when we hear a joke, sometimes we laugh softly and sometimes we laugh. One laugh may be louder than another, but they all come from happiness, and they are all real. Orgasm, no matter how it happens, is real.

8. Women who reach orgasm are happier living together!
This belief is also wrong. A woman may never reach orgasm but enjoy a marital relationship with her husband, and vice versa, a woman may orgasm but is not psychologically satisfied because there is no love and caress in the marital relationship. The purpose of a marital relationship is not to reach orgasm, and this has no effect on couples’ happiness, although its association with caress and sexual pleasure brings the couple closer together.

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