All the effects of diabetes on a couple’s marital relationship

To what extent can diabetes affect and disrupt a marital relationship?

Diabetes is a disease that affects the health of all organs of the body. In the meantime, discussions about sexual organs and sexual desire often remain in a state of silence, while sexual health is related to the general health of the body.
For this reason, if you have a problem in this regard, dare and be sure to consult a doctor:
Men with diabetes are three to four times more likely to have erectile dysfunction than other men. Sometimes posterior or so-called backward ejaculations are also seen in these people: in these conditions, the sperm returns to the bladder instead of being poured out of the body.
Decreased libido is very common among diabetic women, with allergies, dryness and discomfort in the vaginal area, and failure to reach orgasm are some of the problems that these women face. Of course, all of these problems are common in non-diabetic women. However, among couples who have both or one of them with diabetes, there are many cases where there is no interruption in their sexual activity, so that despite the problems Described to have efficient and correct sexual function.
Diabetes affects the arteries, especially the arteries of the genitals and genitals. If the quality of blood circulation is poor, the blood supply to the penis will not work well during an erection. In women, the environment inside the vagina does not expand, resulting in severe pain during intercourse. Diabetes can lead to neuropathy, which is a nervous breakdown in which nerve impulses, especially in the genitals, are not well managed.
Nerve impulse is a message that is transmitted from one neuron to the next neuron and eventually to the target organ, such as a group of muscle fibers, or from one organ to the central nervous system. This weak and ineffective nerve impulse is the source of erection problems in men and orgasm in women.
The doctor explains to the person with diabetes that diabetes will cause problems during erection. Hearing this phrase, the diabetic person feels at night that he has a defect and his erect state is no longer formed well.
Diabetes, on the other hand, can make a person weak and incapacitated, because it is a chronic and debilitating disease that is a guest of the diabetic person at every moment of his life! So the patient may become weak over time or even suffer from a real depression.
All that has been said is detrimental to the patient’s individual desires in particular and to his sexual desires in general.
There are many solutions to the problem of erection as well as other sexual problems caused by diabetes. It goes without saying that personal hygiene is also very important because it has a direct effect on sexual desire and relationships.
People with diabetes need the best health facilities to survive, while healthy people need the same facilities to have a healthy sex life. It may seem unfair, but it is important to remember that improving personal hygiene will significantly improve sexual dysfunction.

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