All the risks and disadvantages of vasectomy

Vasectomy in men also has its own risks and harms, some of which we want to mention in this article. Join us

“A vasectomy should be banned in medical centers,” said a kidney surgeon. “A vasectomy increases a person’s risk of prostate cancer, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular complications and infertility.”

“Unfortunately, one of the methods used to organize the family is to close the tubes in women and men, which is harmful in men and physically disabled,” Dr. Nasser Simforosh was quoted as saying by Salamat News. Is considered.
He continued by stating that vasectomy has medical complications: “My suggestion is to ban vasectomy in clinics and hospitals as soon as possible, unless with the permission of a forensic doctor and if the couple has a specific disease.” .
The distinguished professor of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences continued: “Unfortunately, the ban on vasectomy has not been legally approved by the parliament, and this issue was raised once in the past years, and with the attacks they made, its approval was delayed legally.”
The surgeon and kidney specialist, considering that abortion is forbidden in Islam, also considered tubal ligation in men as a defect of the organ, and according to the existing fatwas, declared it to be legally problematic.
“Men who have had a vasectomy are more likely to develop prostate disease and it also leads to an increased incidence of prostate cancer,” he said. This was almost the case 20 years ago, but today the emphasis is more on the harm of doing so, and the risk of cardiovascular complications and atherosclerosis following the “tube closure” is inevitable for such people.
The surgeon described tubal ligation in men as a negative step in family planning and said: “Considering that the rate of infertility in our country is high compared to previous years and other countries, this method leads to limb defects and generational mutilation.” To become a community.
According to the Basij of the Medical Society, this distinguished professor of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, stating that another most important complication in closing male tubes is that in at least half of the cases, sterility is a permanent and irreversible result, added: “After connecting the tubes The success rate for reproduction is only about 70 percent, and more importantly, if the tubes are opened, only 47 percent, or less than half, will be fertile.
He said: “Unfortunately, in our country, most cases are irreversible and can be seen in half of the cases, but it remains hidden from patients and in the circles only the opening of the tube is mentioned and the fertility statistics are refused after the tubes are opened.”
Dr. Simforosh mentioned the impotence and chronic pain in the genital area as complications that can be seen in men after closing the tube and continued: “Impotence is mostly of psychological origin and the main reason is the change in the patient’s perception of his body and inability.” Fertility (Body Image) means changing one’s self-image. This type of impotence is sometimes resistant to common therapies. Although this is not a common complication, it is of particular importance in terms of family and family protection.

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