Allergies caused by the use of razors

Often after shaving the face with a razor, painful pimples can be seen on the skin of our face. What methods can we use to prevent these pimples from appearing on the face? Allergy has many effects on the skin.

Facial acne caused by razor shaving is a bump that appears after shaving. When this happens and these bumps appear, instead of coming out of the skin, the facial hair grows under the skin and wraps around itself and grows more and more and develops. It is natural that these bumps may cause sensitivity and damage to the skin. They can even cause scars on the skin of the face.

How is facial acne treatment possible?

Not using a razor to shave your face is the best way to treat acne. If it is difficult for you to put aside the razor to shave your face, you can use a clean and sterile needle to remove the hair from under your skin. This can help you. (Of course, it depends on the severity of your facial acne.)

Also, keep in mind that these pimples can come back by re-shaping your face with a razor. If your facial acne is not treated with the mentioned method, consult a dermatologist. Facial acne may be treated very easily with the use of some medications.

Can changing the shaving method help treat acne?

After stopping the use of razors for facial hair removal, facial acne and other body acne caused by this hair removal method are usually cured and do not return. You can get help from barbers to fix your face. But it should be known that this method may also irritate the facial skin. So it is better to use this method for correction only once or twice a week.

Can acne be prevented?

If you did not get results from all the mentioned methods, you can use the following methods:

  • Take a warm shower before shaving. A warm shower can clean the facial skin and open the skin pores.
  • Use the right shaving products. Pastes before and after shaving can help you a lot.
  • When you are shaving, do not scratch the skin of your face and do not use razors that are dull, and wash your face with cold water at the end of shaving.
  • If possible, use electric razors and shavers.
  • After shaving, place a soft cloth wet with cold water on your face for 5 minutes.

Facial acne caused by shaving with a razor, in whom does it occur more often?

This type of facial acne appears more on the facial skin of those who have curly hair and their hair is thick. Like many of the beloved southerners of our country or hybrids whose one parent is African (such as Americans-Africans).


1- You can hold a fine needle on the gas flame with the help of a pair of pliers. When the tip of the needle turns red, it means that it is free of any bacteria and viruses. Wait a little until it cools down (next to the flame) then you can use it. Compliance with safety issues is very important in this work.

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