Allowed and unauthorized foods in the Mediterranean diet

Is there a diet that is both healthy and delicious? Yes, and its name is the Mediterranean diet. These foods are full of health-boosting benefits. The Mediterranean diet keeps your mouth moist. This food program is suitable for anyone of any age and any culture. Using this diet plan is not expensive and you should know that calorie quality is more important than calorie content. In this article from the section Nutrition Dr. Salam, we are reviewing the Mediterranean diet.

How is the Mediterranean diet breakfast?

Depending on the geographical location of this breakfast, for example, in Lebanon, a traditional breakfast includes grains such as barley and wheat semolina with a combination of honey, fruit, cinnamon and some quality milk. Sounds delicious, right? Many healthy foods are included in the Mediterranean diet. These include fresh products with healthy fats such as olive oil and quality proteins such as fish. What foods are not allowed in the Mediterranean diet?

Mediterranean food pyramid

Like other food pyramids, in the Mediterranean food pyramid there is food that should be used less, at the top of the pyramid and at the bottom of the pyramid of food that should be used frequently. What is at the top of the pyramid? Low quality meat and sweets (sweets made with natural sweeteners such as honey) are located at the top of the pyramid, which is also the smallest part.

In the next part, there are chicken, eggs, cheese and yogurt, kefir can also be placed in this part. The next part of the pyramid belongs to seafood. It is better to avoid eating large amounts of oysters. You can eat fish rich in omega-3s, such as salmon and sardines, at least twice a week.

The bottom of the pyramid, which is the main goal of the Mediterranean diet, includes fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, olive oil, seeds, greens, nuts, herbs and spices. In fact, you usually find different combinations of these substances in your meals. In general, consuming enough water is very important. This diet plan focuses on healthy meals and physical health of people.

Anti-inflammatory food;  Prevention and natural treatment of inflammation of the body

List of foods in the Mediterranean diet

What is the list of foods in the Mediterranean diet? Here are some permitted foods and some unauthorized foods in this diet plan:

Authorized food:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables: There are no restrictions on the consumption of vegetables and fruits in the Mediterranean diet. Some common uses in the Mediterranean diet include tomatoes, eggplants, leafy vegetables, artichokes, Broccoli And so on.
  • Healthy fats, especially olive oil: Healthy fats are at the top of the Mediterranean diet list. The most famous food in this part of the diet is olive oil. Healthy fats like olive oil are a rich source of energy that will keep you full for a long time. Another food that has healthy fats and is very popular in the Mediterranean diet is olives.
  • Nuts and legumes: Both, like protein, are a rich source of healthy fats. Almond kernels, walnut kernels, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds are some of the healthy choices. Look for nuts that have no added salt or sugar. Is Peanut Butter Allowed in a Mediterranean Diet? Peanut butter can be used in moderation. But it is better to test its health and naturalness before consumption. The same goes for crushed sesame seeds, which are very popular on the Mediterranean food list.
  • Herbs and spices: Herbs and spices rich in Antioxidants, Such as mint, rosemary, mint, cinnamon and substances that make meals more palatable and healthier.
  • Seafood: Fish such as salmon are a great source of protein, so it is best to eat it at least a few times a week.
  • Quotes: Legumes, beans and lentils are a great source of protein and fiber in the Mediterranean diet.
  • Seeds and legumes: There are no restrictions on the use of these foods in the Mediterranean diet, but you should use very high quality beans. If you are looking for low carbohydrate habits and foods, you can use grains and legumes. If you are looking for a gluten-free diet, you can use gluten-free beans and seeds.
  • A small amount of water and a small amount of caffeinated sources such as tea and natural coffee are also included in this diet.
  • Quality dairy: Is milk allowed in the Mediterranean diet? In the Mediterranean diet, quality dairy products such as goat’s milk, healthy cheese and kefir rich in probiotics and yogurt are good choices.
  • Chicken and eggsChicken and eggs can be considered a rich source of protein as long as they are organic.
  • Red Meat: Red meat should be used in the right amount and in the right conditions. Choices such as lamb, which is popular in the Mediterranean diet, and beef are allowed in this program. But avoid high-fat meats such as pork and sausages.

Ketogenic diet

Unauthorized food:

  • High fat meat or meat products (such as sausages and meat)
  • Refined sugar
  • High in fat and oil
  • Trans fatty acids
  • Foods such as fast foods

If you are ready to buy according to this diet plan, read the section below. There are many Mediterranean snack and food ideas in this meal plan. Some people decide to implement this diet program in their life to improve their health.

List of foods in the Mediterranean diet

  • Before you go shopping according to this diet plan, do not forget to find out about healthy and approved foods in this diet plan, in addition to getting information about unauthorized foods.
  • The healthy foods you see in the Mediterranean food pyramid include fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy fats such as olive oil, fish, legumes, nuts, seeds, healthy meats and quality dairy products such as goat’s milk and yogurt.
  • Allowed foods can be easily adapted to personal needs, for example you can use gluten-free foods.
  • Avoid high-fat meats, refined sugars, certain oils, fast foods and trans fats in your Mediterranean diet.
  • Following the Mediterranean diet is a very enjoyable experience that leads to the consumption of fresh, healthy, delicious and enjoyable foods. Following these eating habits is easy and has been scientifically proven to have many positive health effects when used properly.

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