Always be ahead!

Sometimes you have to put aside the shame and take the initiative to have sex with your wife and encourage her to do this.

You don’t always have to wait for your partner to ask for sex, or for him to make the first move! If you really want better and deeper sex, you need to make the necessary changes in your relationship yourself.

For example, when you want to say goodbye to your wife in the morning, be sure to express your feelings to her. If your partner feels that he is particularly attractive to you, he will automatically find a better mood and come closer to you.

In addition, you should not hide the issues that come to your mind. If you really want more sex, you should tell your partner and talk about it together. You just have to be careful that if you are discussing an issue with your spouse, you should not be aggressive, or accuse each other or insult each other, because it will lead to tension and discomfort.

Sometimes the problem is that stress from work or other aspects of life make your partner unable to perform well in sex. In this situation, your wife needs support and you should encourage her to do the necessary things to improve her situation

18 November 2014 11:40

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