Alzheimer’s commonalities with these diseases

Some symptoms may reassure you that you have Alzheimer’s and make you think you have it, if these symptoms are common to other illnesses and may occur in the elderly.

Ali Ghasemi, a psychologist, said about diseases that have symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s: “Some diseases or conditions may cause symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s.” These include depression, thyroid disease, heart problems, some infections, drug interactions and alcohol consumption.

“There is currently no test to diagnose Alzheimer’s,” he said. “Until a brain biopsy is available, doctors will not be able to diagnose Alzheimer’s 100 percent.” However, most doctors can usually make a correct diagnosis 80 to 90 percent of the time.

Ghasemi continued: “To ensure that a person has Alzheimer’s, asking questions about the symptoms of the disease, the person’s past illnesses, medical history and family psychology is effective in the diagnosis process.”

Regarding the main symptom of Alzheimer’s, he said: “This brain dysfunction, which gradually degrades a person’s mental abilities, is initially a memory impairment of recent events.” In fact, Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia. Another symptom of this disease is the loss of the ability to retain information, especially in old age.

The psychologist noted: In addition, the person gradually suffers from loss of speech, isolation and depression.

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