An important and influential factor in infertility that you don’t know about!

Pollutants can play a very important role in the occurrence of infertility among couples, and air pollution and the presence of toxic and dangerous chemicals are the most important factors in the inability to have children in Iranian families!

The Secretary of the Working Group on Health, Health and Environment of the Presidential Office for Women’s Affairs said: Environmental pollutants are not ineffective in the process of infertility and can cause abortion and premature birth. The Presidential Deputy for Women and Family regarding population increase policies stated: The main policy making of the Deputy for Women is the adaptation of the activities of various organizations to the existing policies and this is one of the measures that have been tried to be done properly in the last two years.
He added: If the general policies of the system, such as population policies or health policies, have shown the way, the women and household deputy has tried to define this path for organizations. Also, the Vice-Chancellor of Women monitors the activities of organizations to ensure that these actions are in line with the policies and rights of women and the family.
Khodakarmi pointed out that basic studies have been done in the field of women and family regarding the promotion of population policies, and stated: After considering the opinions of the experts in the fields regarding the existing challenges and using past experiences to solve the challenges, We came to the conclusion that we should organize meetings and conferences in this direction so that we can raise and discuss the issues.
The Secretary of the Working Group on Health, Health and Environment of the Presidential Office for Women and Family Affairs stated: The first conference on family health, population and sustainable development was held on September 17 and 18, and population and family programs were discussed from various dimensions.
Pointing out that the problems of infertile couples were examined in this conference, he said: In this regard, various issues in this field, including environmental issues, air pollution, etc., were discussed and investigated.
Khodakarmi noted: intervention should be done to improve reproductive health, teenagers should be taught issues related to reproductive health in girls’ and boys’ schools. They can play a major role in the future and health of the country.
Pointing out that this issue in education and training requires scientific intervention, he stated: Some people should not sit together and add a few topics to a textbook, but these topics should be included in extracurricular programs and the necessary training should be given. to be
Khodakarmi Khazeri pointed out: The Ministry of Health can also be very effective in the field of health. If we consider reproductive health as an important area, projects such as the health reform plan in the outskirts of cities and the family doctor in the Ministry of Health can be very helpful in this regard.
He emphasized: Unfortunately, the Ministry of Health’s vice president of health in the department of network development and expansion of higher education has the least connection with reproductive health, and we must try to improve the relationship of the expert body with the decision-making area in the field of health, and use the potential of related associations in this field. The field should be used so that women can receive reproductive services directly. Even young girls should be able to benefit from these services.
Khodakarmi stated: Another issue that is of interest to the women’s deputy in this field is supporting the health reform in the field of natural childbirth. In this regard, intervention during childbirth is too late and should be done beforehand. We hope to solve the existing challenges with the Ministry of Health.
Infertility and miscarriage
In response to a question about the results of research on the factors of infertility and abortion, the Secretary of the Working Group on Health, Health and Environment of the Vice President of Women and Family Affairs stated: Both environmental conditions and other issues have an effect on this, which must be done in order to increase population to be optimized.
Pointing out that environmental pollutants are not ineffective in the process of infertility and can cause miscarriage and premature birth, he said: The available statistics are worrying and we hope that good field studies will be done soon.
Stating that we should teach our children to respect the environment from birth, Khodakarmi added: All organizations and institutions that create pollutants, including waves and radiation, as well as those who create personal pollutants that It affects the air quality, they should be responsible for this.

28 September 1394 01:04

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