An important cause of penile shortening in men

In children born with a webbed penis, circumcision should not be performed until the cornea is repaired, as circumcision due to adhesions will hide the baby’s penis behind the curtain. The main cause of this disease has not been determined yet But it is an evolutionary defect in the foreskin that does not go away in time. اThe importance of this disease is that depending on the size of the membrane, the length of the penis that can be used during intercourse is reduced, which is called false shortening of the penis. For example, if the length of this membrane is 5 cm, it reduces the length of the usable penis by about 5 cm. If this membrane is surgically removed, the same amount is added to the length of the usable penis (Penile Lengthening). Sometimes this curtain, if it is too thick and large, can cause problems in the practice of penetration. The webbed penis is also likened to a turkey neck.

The webbed penis is a congenital disease in which a membrane connects the lower surface of the penis to the scrotum. This curtain varies from very mild to very severe. The prevalence of this disease is 4%. That is, four out of every 100 men have a draped penis.

In the mild type, a small membrane connects one-third of the lower surface of the penis to the scrotum (Figure 1), in the medium type, about half of the lower surface of the penis is connected to the scrotum by a curtain (Figure 2), and in the severe type. The entire lower surface of the penis is connected to the scrotum by a large membrane (Figure 3). Sometimes this membrane also causes the penis to tilt (Figure 4). Sometimes there are two membranes that extend down each side of the penis and the scrotum, which is called the compound membrane (Figure 5). A baby boy is born with this disease. In childhood, it may cause pain and abnormal urine flow, and in adults, it may cause psychological stress and sexual dysfunction. The main factor that makes the penis look shorter is the webbed penis. In severe cases, the membranous penis prevents complete penetration and with surgery, 3-4 cm is added to the length of the penis (Penile Lengthening).

The membranous penis in adults causes the following problems:

  • Penis shortening is called false penile shortening
  • Discomfort during intimacy
  • The difficulty in using a condom is very important. It is almost impossible to use a condom in its full form, and many cases of pregnancy while using a condom are in the same men who have a veiled penis.
  • Penile curvature
  • Psychological stress due to inappropriate appearance

This disease is also an acquired type that is caused by circumcision. If too much skin is removed during circumcision, it will create a membrane between the scrotum and the penis. Usually, boys realize that their genitals are abnormal after reaching the age of puberty, and sometimes, after marriage, they try to solve their problems due to problems.


The disease is treated with plastic surgery. Different surgical methods are used depending on the type and size of the membrane. In our society, parents very rarely take action to correct their child’s problem (although mild cases do not require special action) and more in adulthood, men seek to solve their problem. This disease has a very effective surgery called YI Plasty. I have recently seen several cases of penile membrane surgery that have become deformed after repair due to non-observance of the YI Plasty principle. Figure 6 shows the number of membranous penises before and after surgical correction.

Source: Dr. Mohammad Reza Safarinejad

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