An important indication for obstruction in the bile ducts

Take any kind of change in stool size seriously, white stool color is a warning of disease in your body, intestinal obstruction can affect the whiteness of stool color, the liver determines the color of stool, and blockage in the bile duct causes this color change. In this case, see a gastroenterologist immediately.

Is a change in the size or color of feces a sign of illness?

Some people may experience white stools, but not take it seriously. However, experts believe that this should not be ignored, because stools that are white or gray in color are really alarming and dangerous. The color of feces should be between yellow and brown. These colors are made by the liver and enter the feces after the bile. If the stool is white, it indicates a blockage in the bile duct.

Another issue that can occupy people’s minds is the size of the stool. According to experts, the size of the stool does not matter and does not indicate any danger or problem. The shape or size of the stool is usually related to how fast the stool moves through the colon. If this movement is smooth, the size of the stool will also be smaller. If the speed of this movement is too high, the stool may be close to diarrhea.

Experts believe that the small size of the stool does not indicate any problem, unless the act of defecation is accompanied by excessive and unusual pressure. In addition, if your stool suddenly widens and becomes narrower over another period, it is better to see a doctor. In fact, this can indicate a blockage in the intestine.


28 September 1395 23:29

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