An important point about girls’ sexual health

Today we see a significant reduction in the menstrual age of girls. Researchers attribute this to the use of a diet rich in red meat. A study of 3,000 12-year-old girls found that those who ate meat more than eight times a week as children had premature puberty.

In fact, it was found that girls who ate a lot of red meat were 75 percent more likely to have premature menstruation (at the age of 12 or earlier). This study also showed that overweight and obesity in girls also accelerates the age of menstruation. In recent years, the age of menstruation in girls has decreased significantly due to changes in eating patterns and increased prevalence of obesity because this Factors affect hormonal balance.

Premature menstruation and breast cancer

Experts believe that there is a link between premature menstruation and an increased risk of breast cancer. This connection may be due to the fact that as a result of premature menstruation, the level of estrogen that a woman’s body produces during life increases.

Nutritionists emphasize that these results do not mean the elimination of red meat from the diet of girls, because red meat is a rich source of iron and plays an important role in preventing iron deficiency anemia, but it is recommended not to overdo it.

The study is published in the American Journal of Nutrition and Public Health.

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