An overview of obesity (2)

The human body needs a certain amount of food to function properly. Experience has proven that if you do not enter this amount of food into your body, you will most likely crave for certain foods to meet your needs. It will be harmful for you
Nutrition is not just about eating some calories to satisfy your hunger pangs. Low-quality foods such as processed foods are full of chemicals and have very low nutritional value. The basic needs of the body will not be met.

The body is like a very wonderful machine that needs a series of special tools to repair and not break down. By consuming a wide range of healthy and natural foods, you will provide the body with sufficient fuel that it needs.
One of the pioneers in the field of research on low-volume foods with high nutritional value is Dr. Joel Furman. The main basis of this doctor’s teachings is based on the fact that people can more easily follow a diet if they consume low-volume foods with high nutritional value. continue to lose weight. For example, consider an apple versus some chips with the same amount of calories. By consuming apples, you will receive potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and hundreds of other valuable phytochemicals. As you can see, by consuming An apple that has a small volume can cover many of your body’s needs.

Quality foods and weight loss
* The increase in the desire to consume unhealthy food is directly related to the reduction of vitamins and minerals. Eliminate these tendencies by consuming food with high nutritional value.
* Although there is no need to completely avoid eating foods with low nutritional value, try to make sure that 80-90% of the food you consume comes from healthy sources with high nutritional value. It will be long.
* Learn to cook. There is no need to, for example, put chicken breast and broccoli in water and consume it without any taste. Correct use of spices and learning cooking techniques can greatly increase the quality of your food. In fact, if your healthy and high-quality foods taste good, you will continue to consume them with more enthusiasm in the future.


3) Extreme nutrition
Excessive eating is defined as consuming too much food, both healthy and unhealthy, to the extent that you even go beyond the limit of satiety. The reason for this can be bad eating habits or lack of self-control. All of us on vacation, At parties and in restaurants, we usually eat too much. In fact, we must say that most of us eat more than we admit. How many times have you heard that even though you feel full, you say to yourself? Let me go back and have another bite? How many times a week does this happen to you? Many of us have this happen to them at night.
If you correctly evaluate these extreme tendencies in your diet, you will see that most of your weight gain in the last 5-10 years is related to these overeating. For example, we consider that you eat 300 calories more than 5 days a week. Consume the required amount. In this case, you will consume 1,500 extra calories in a week. Over the course of a year, this amount of calories will reach 78,000 extra calories. On the other hand, each pound of fat has 3,500 calories. So we conclude that you A little overeating can add up to 20 pounds over the course of a year.
Fighting overeating is very easy. Imagine that if you reduce a little bit of your dinner or some of your snacks or eating chips and sweets, you can make a very big change in the long run. There is nothing wrong with interest, but you should be careful that this increase in calorie intake is not continuous and prolonged.
If the reasons for your overeating are related to stress and bad eating habits, you should take action a little more seriously. It is a good starting point to start removing all unhealthy and harmful food from your home. Adequan site. Another golden rule in this case is to follow The rule is “only one plate per meal”. This means that once you have consumed the food on your plate, stop eating.
In this case, quickly move away from the dining table and rest, and oblige yourself not to eat anything for at least an hour. If you still feel hungry, you can eat a snack that is small in size but has high nutritional value. Wait at least an hour before consuming food again.
When you crave sweet or salty things, use healthy foods such as roasted almonds, apples, oranges, and strawberries. Another option you can do when you feel like eating too much is to exercise. You can turn on your treadmill and run a little. Do aerobic exercises.

Potato Chips And Dip

Extreme nutrition and weight loss
* Constrain yourself to eat only one plate of food at each meal. Wait at least an hour before eating another meal.
* Instead of trying to make everything perfect, just try to make things better than before. If you can gradually reduce the amount of overeating each week, the chances of maintaining weight and even losing weight are much higher. .


4) Stress and depression
Although stress and depression play a very important role in overeating, their importance made us examine them in a separate section. In the world of animals, the factors that cause stress in them are very limited. One of these stressful factors It is hunger. When we are stressed, our body goes into “survival” mode during a biochemical reaction.
In this state, the body reduces the rate of metabolism and the body does its best to preserve the body’s fuel. In this state, the body also has a great desire to consume food, which is another defensive reaction in response to stress.
In today’s modern world, it is almost impossible to get rid of stress. We are all very, very busy during the day, and on the other hand, with information sources such as Facebook, etc., we don’t have any free time. The presence of people and the convenience of preparing unhealthy food will result in nothing but the problem of overweight and obesity.


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