An overview of skin care while traveling

Since we are on vacation, there are almost a lot of people who travel. Short or long trips do not matter, even with a personal or public vehicle. It does not matter whether domestic or foreign travel is the main point of skin care. Because skin health is so important, we provide more information about it here

Do not apply mascara

Avoid applying mascara during the trip until you reach your destination, because if you take a nap and wake up, the mascara may have spilled under your eyes. It is even better not to apply eye shadow as it may eat and clean your hands or spread to other parts of your face.


Do not touch your face

To prevent any pimples during the holidays, it is better not to touch your skin and have the least contact and touch with your face, because if you do this, you will bring with you an unknown bacterium that can cause skin problems. Even when you want to apply makeup, first wash your hands with an antibacterial solution and then apply your hands to your skin.


Hand cream is also needed

Do not leave the house without hand cream. You are going to carry a whole suitcase with you so your hands will dry out with the dust that settles on it. Even when using public toilets with commercial soaps this possibility is multiplied so the best way is to apply a little hand cream Have your bag and keep it moisturized.


Take the cleaner with you

If you can only take a skin care product with you, it is neither a face mask nor a body lotion, but only a facial cleanser because sudden changes in cleansers can upset the acid or pH balance of the skin and lead to Be skin problems.

Take your cosmetic bag with you

If you travel abroad, be sure to bring your cosmetics with you because these products are expensive and it is not affordable to provide all the accessories for you. If you want to buy something, you usually have to think about body lotions, soaps and perfumes.


Tame your hair

Hair may become electrically stagnant or fuzzy as a result of climate change. The best way is to use a permanent brush and tie the hair under the scarf. To deal with oily hair, which can take hours to wash, it is best to prepare a dry shampoo and take it with you on a trip.

Do not forget the sunscreen

The use of sunscreen is not specific to a specific region, ie whether you travel to the south, north, Moscow or Malaysia, protecting the skin of the face and the places that are outside the clothes against the useless sun rays, should be one of your regular plans. You should do this with sunscreen for the face and use cotton gloves to prevent them from reaching your hands.


Travel is undoubtedly stressful and one of the stresses is having a happy face during the trip. If your skin is dry and you want to travel to dry areas such as Azerbaijan and Hamedan, it is better to use a moisturizer. If you are going to travel by plane, be careful to moisturize your face the night before the flight, because the cabin pressure dehydrates or dehydrates the face, and the use of moisturizer will largely prevent this from happening.

Forget cream powder

If you want to reach your destination with healthy skin, do not use cream powder on your travel day and use only moisturizer instead. If you travel by plane, you can use a color moisturizer before landing to make your face look radiant. If you can not leave the house without cream powder, it is better to use silicone types that create a protective layer between your skin and your makeup. In this way, the powder cream stays on the face more and protects the skin from dehydration.

Use mineral water instead of makeup

To refresh your makeup, never apply cream, powder or blush on your previous makeup. This makes your skin more dry and dehydrated than before, instead spray a little mineral water on your face and then immediately apply a very small amount of moisturizer on your face; You will see how fresh your face looks.

Control your oily skin

If you have oily skin and travel to humid areas such as the north, it is better to use oil control creams to prevent skin irritation by moisture. To prevent your oily skin from getting out of control during the trip, especially to the affected areas, you can prepare cleansing papers and apply it to the T-shaped area of ​​your face (forehead and bridge of the nose) to remove excess fat from your face without removing moisture.

Apply a little lightener

If traveling gives you the feeling that your skin is a little dark and your face looks tired and yellow, it is better to use a lighter pancake than your skin. Gently rub the pancakes on your cheeks, nose bridge and lips. If you can not use pancakes, you can use blush and lip balm instead to maintain skin moisture and freshness and make your face look fresher.

Stay away from lipstick for 24 hours

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind for long trips is to use long-lasting lipsticks to color your lips, but this is wrong because these lipsticks make your lips watery and may even flake. Instead, cover your lips with regular, classic lipstick and apply a gloss afterwards. That way, you only have to refresh your shine during the trip and there is no need to use the classic lipstick again.


Keep your eyes puffy

To reduce puffiness during long journeys, especially to places like China or the United States where you are on the plane for long hours, you can take a fresh bath towel with you and ask the host to pour some crushed ice in this bath towel and bring it to you. Put this leaf under your eyes for a few minutes and remove it. This will give you a fresh and cheerful look.

Do not forget the eye drops

Watching movies in a row on a train or plane on long trips or reading a book can cause you to have watery red eyes as soon as you reach your destination. To prevent this from happening, it is better not to forget the eye drops. As soon as you have finished watching the movie or reading the book, pour a drop of it into each of your eyes.

Source: Ideal Life Magazine

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